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Anyone else applied for Worcester?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lauren_shobbrook, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Hi Caroline,
    Yes I applied for Worcester primary PGCE two weeks ago, and have just heard today that I've got an interview on the 4th May. How about you?
  2. They actually ended up getting back to me saying that I was unsuccessful because I might not have completed my UK experience by the interview date if my CRB hasn't come back by then. I've just emailed them back explaining that I definitely will have completed my UK experience by then (I have 6 months primary experience in Thailand and 18 months UK secondary but no UK primary!) because they're happy for me to start the first day back after Easter regardless of whether my CRB has come back or not as long as they've got my references, which they now have. Don't know whether it'll make a difference now that they've put it as unsuccessful on the GTTR or not.

    Are you local or will you be moving to Worcester?
  3. Hi Caroline,
    Ah well fingers crossed! I think this process of waiting is just HORRIBLE!
    I'm actually a third year psychology student at Worcester Uni so I'll prob (if I get in) just carrying on living in Worcester. Worcester Uni does normally respond to emails pretty fast so you'll probably get a reply soon.

  4. I ended up calling her the next day because I still hadn't got a reply. Annoyingly in that time she filled the interview days for the 3rd and 4th of May but she said that if I sent her the details of where I'll be doing my experience then she's trying to arrange an extra interview day anyway. So fingers crossed!

    Only problem is now that I won't hear that I have an interview until about a week before! Did they send you any information about what you have to prepare etc?


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