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Anyone else applied for both Primary AND Secondary PGDE?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Starmum22, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I seem to be in a very small minority and just wondered if anyone else has applied for both Primary and Secondary PGDE and what stage your application is at?
    L x
  2. I am the only one then? lol xx
  3. what subject did you apply for?

    I did consider it but decided not to in the end but now am wishing I had. I have had a interview for primary and just waiting to hear. What stage you at?
  4. Hi,
    I think I am the only person who applied for both! My degree is in English, so I opted for that as my 3rd and 4th choices.
    I was unsuccessful at Edinburgh for Primary (1st choice) but I've got an interview at Strathclyde in March!
    Where are you waiting to hear from? And how do you think your interview went?
  5. I am waiting to hear back after my interview at Strathclyde I think it went okay but you never really never know do you?
    Glasgow is my second choice but I heard their full so if I don't get into Strathclyde that kind of leaves me hanging.
    I was going to put secondary for my third and fourth choice and apparently its not to late to add so I am think about doing that but I am not 100% sure.
  6. I'm not 100% sure either, but thought I'd apply and see what happens!
    Good luck!

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