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anyone else also 2:2 graduate starting a pgce course?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Teacher_Jen, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Further to my last post just wondering if anyone else is in the same position as me and won't recieve any bursary?

    And is anyone having second thoughts because of it
  2. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    This doesn't apply to me, but it seriously wouldn't bother me if I didn't get the bursary; I'm just desperate to train. My sis is on a PGCE currently and of course, last year there were no bursaries. I would have been in the same position had I not been unsuccessful last time. Its nice to know I'm going to get one, but its not the be all and end all.
  3. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    I have a 2:2 and I would not have been able to train without the bursery at all. I would not have been preparded to take on that much student debt, adding to my previous debt, and you are too busy to have a part time job (unless only 1 or 2 hours a week).
    I would have probably waited a couple more years, and hope that burseries come back, or wait until the governement have completely destroyed teaching as a profession and get a job without QTS.
  4. Hey, I have a First but I still won't be getting a bursary because I will be training to teach Psychology! (Shame I don't have a First in Physics or I would be £20,000 better off!) This hasn't put me off though - I will be starting my PGCE in September and am very excited about it!
    I just hope that I will get a good amount of maintenance loan to cover the cost of driving to and from uni and placements! I would never be able to afford to fund my studies (and neither would my parents!) so fingers crossed I get the loan or not sure what I will do!!
  5. Hi MissHLG,
    Thats a real bummer about the psychology. However, I still see your point.
    Do you live with your parents and are you under 25? If so it'll be assessed via your parent's income and not yours. Which seems very unfair if you ask me!
    I know I won't be able to afford a car when I start but fortunatley I do get cheap train fare because my dad works for the railway. I just hope my p;acement is near by house and I can walk/get a bus!
  6. veni_vid: are you already training then? as you're stating you wouldn't apply now with a 2:2 and no bursary or are you waiting a few more years to see what happens?
  7. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    My bursary will be only £5000 for my subject (history). I've already got a pile of debt so I'll just throw the rest on top of it. I guess my total will be about £35k? Something like that. I treat it more like a tax rather than a debt though.
    I'm willing to chance my arm, if I don't get a position I won't need to pay it back anyway!
  8. Yea, I was a bit annoyed about it - I think it would have been different if nobody got a bursary but knowing some subjects will and I won't is a bit annoying, but like I said, not annoying enough to stop me wanting to do the PGCE!
    I'm 21 and live with my parents so I will be assessed on their income, like you said, that should mean that I will get the loans I need!
    I hope you get placements close by then! Are you thinking about not going through with the course then because of the lack of funds? That would be such a shame! :(
    Where are you going to be doing your PGCE, what subject?
  9. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    Hi, I finished training last June, and recieved a £6000 bursey (i'd just missed out on the £9000 the year before). Being an older student i have other loans and i had quite expensive rent when i moved to do the course. It was hard work, but i loved the challenge, however i certainly would not have started this year with no bursery, it would just not have been viable. The people who didn't drive on the course got the placements further afield (not all Uni's arrange it like this), however even on public transport it cost me £70 per month to placements. Then there's books and resources to buy, subscriptions and fees, and various other things people might not budget for.
    I have also only just found a teachinIg job, so have struggled with sporadic temp work, and struggled for much of the year. My debt was worrying enough without another £6000 to add to it.

  10. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    Good luck to those of you doing it without the bursary, however also think about the dire job situation at the moment as well.
  11. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    As I said above, if you have the loans it doesn't matter because you don't pay it back until you are earning enough, right? So no job= no paying it back!
  12. chloe1402

    chloe1402 New commenter


    I've just found out I have a place starting in September. I have a 2:2 so wont be getting any bursary.

    Its very frustrating, but at the end of the day this is what I want to do, I'd rather have that little bit more debt and be in a job that I enjoy. I'm going to have a lot debt whether I get the bursary or not. Luckily I have a partner who's in full time employment and can support me whilst on the course. I feel for anyone who cannot afford to do the course without the bursary, it's so unfair.

    What annoys me more is that my degree was an arts based one (textiles) so my grades were very much based on whether the tutors grading you; whether they liked you/your work/how you worked etc. There wasn't necessarily a right or wrong. If you didn't work how the tutors told you too, you were graded down; which was very unfair since your work would no longer be yours and be what your tutors had decided it to be. This was felt across the whole year group.

    I felt at the end of my course, that no matter how much more work/effort I put in, my grade wasn't going to go up, purely because my work wasn't what the tutors wanted it to be. My work wasn't any different quality to someone who gained a 2:1. Marks were double checked by other tutors, but they almost always agreed with each other. Your grade was very much an opinion. A biased one.

    Having a 2:2 doesn't necessarily mean your not going to be as good as someone with a 2:1.

    Thats my rant over :)
  13. I completely agree with this statement, but it's also worth pointing out that this bursary system was announced last June, before the cycle even went live.. Surely those with a 2.2 knew about it and applied anyway?
  14. I didn't know when I applied.
    I still think its a pretty bad show in all honesty
  15. Unfortunately I think that is exactly what they are trying to do. Their view (not mine I hasten to add!) is that high grades equal good teachers. They are slowly phasing out allowing anyone with less than a 2:1 into teaching.
  16. I haven't completed my degree yet, and have applied for teacher training, and aiming towards a 2:1. I not only want a 2:1 to make me feel proud of my achievements, but it's also coz of this friggin bursary aswell!!!
    I TOTALLY agree with you all! Getting a 2:1 is no different to someone having a 2:2! Being a good teacher is not attained by academic skill! However, I think the government have done this so people who are in undergraduate degrees aim higher, which sounds very silly!
    I got absolutley rubbish A Levels, and I had to resit my GCSE maths last year, but I have never doubted myself that I couldn't be as good a teacher and someone who has every awesome qualification under their belt.
  17. Good luck on your application. I have just had notice that I have been unsuccessful with my PGCE application, disappointed is an understatement!!!!!!! Don't know what else I can do I was in this position this time last year with GTP. I know I haven't got the greatest grade (third class) not proud of it but hey its degree. I know the government are trying to up the degree classification for the entry criteria but as a previous stays about the government trying to get the highest academic qualifications into teaching but that doesn't mean they will make good teachers. I have worked hard for all my qualifications and off my own back while working a full time and part time job I self taught myself my maths GCSE from an F up to the required C for my GTP application I have pushed myself as far and as hard as I could but this doesn't seem to be recognised by the uni's. My school has recently been through Ofsted and they thought I can do it as my lesson which was observed was awarded an outstanding they thought I could do it yet the uni seems to have a different idea because my piece of paper which says I have a third I have now hit a brick wall. Not sure route I am going to do go down next but Asda is certainly looking appealing. I do my best to ensure all the needs of my students are met first and foremost and they are all making good progress but still doesn't seem good enough. Who knows maybe I'll get there hopefully before I retire!!!! Godd luck to anyone applying or waiting for response I wish every success and rant over!!!!
  18. Hi faye56,
    Really sorry to hear that you are unsuccessful :( Where did you apply for? I know the feeling, I got rejected from my first choice, it's really harsh!
    The degree classification for Uni PGCEs are 2:2 or above, but they do prefer 2:1s now. I think sometimes that's the thing going against me - the fact that I don't have my degree as yet and they don't know what I'm predicted. So I'm really aiming for a 2:1!
    I think the reason they are aiming for higher grades at the moment is because like i mentioned before, they are trying to up the standards of undergraduate degrees, and also because some assignments/exams are at masters level, and apparently a third class cannot cope at masters. That's really silly because if you went for a normal masters degree with a third they would accept you! However, some courses like the one I'm going for, only have one masters level module, so it's really strange!
    Have you considered doing a masters degree at all? I remember talking to some people on here about how to try and up your degree. I'm not sure if it does but it might be worth you doing. Also, have you been a teaching assistant before? Normally if you have that sort of experience it can make getting into PGCE/teacher training a lot easier with a lower class degree. Especially if you want to apply for SCITT schemes or GTP.
    I really admire your enthusiasm! Keep trying hard and you will get there in the end! Don't put youself down because you know you're better than Asda!
    Best of luck to you.
  19. hi faye
    djaye makes a good point, if you think that your degree grade is where you are falling down. concentrate the next year or two on doing a masters. have a look at the open uni website, im doing a masters at the moment and they are brilliant. you can even pay the fees montly for a really small fee! I have finally been accepted onto a pgce course at uea, but its my third time of applying so don't dispair. I honestly don't think they would have even looked at me if they hadnt seen that i was doing the masters. (i have a 2:2 in art history, so not only a 2:2 but a irrelevant subject for secondary!) I started the masters in october and applied for the pgce at the same time, so i won't even have finished it by the time i start my pgce. (i ll be about 2/3rds through)l also think it will get harder to get in with a third with the way the government is pushing for people with a minimum of a 2:2... have a think about it and check out the open uni website!
    Best wishes
  20. I have a 2.2 in a subject that is not considered to be related to the N. C. and I am starting a Primary PGCE in September. I was really stressed as I applied to an insitution that stated they would only consider applicants with a 2.1 or above, but I am so happy they offered me a place :D I am a tiny bit annoyed I don't qualify for a bursary due to my degree classification, but in all honesty I am just glad I have a place as I know primary is extremely competitive! The extra money would be fantastic, but I am so relieved I have a place that I am past the point of worrying about the bursary and starting to get excited about the course. xo


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