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Anyone else addicted to Criminal Minds

Discussion in 'Personal' started by randomgirly, May 21, 2011.

  1. I have just finished season 6 on internet and Season 6 on DVD but finding it hard in my area to find people as addicted to the program as I am.
    Is there anyone here as sucked in as I am and willing to discuss whats going on?
  2. I love Criminal Minds - especially Dr Reid :D - but haven't watched last night's yet.
    Am seriously *** off they got rid of JJ, though there are rumours she may be back in the next series. Do not like the blonde probationer at all - can't even remember her name.
  3. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    I am totally addicted. Watching current season on Sky at the moment.

    Although, as with so many things, I think the earlier series were better. Gideon was a little too intense though. Prentiss was definitely a step up from Elle. So I think series 3 and 4 were the peak for me :)

    Shemar Moore is lush!
  4. Ooh! My first censored word!!
  5. I was really annoyed when they got rid of JJ, and Pretiss.

    Pretiss what so much better then Elle, Dr Ried is my favourite, I just want ot hug him and keep him from the world.

    Because I watch online I am on the final episode of season 6 but have just brought season 5 on DVD.
    Shemar Moore (Morgan) is soo hot! but Kevin sweet lol
  6. Me! ME! ME! I love it. Love Reid and Morgan best. Has anyone seen Aaron blink yet?
  7. Only at Hayley's funeral Sarah other then that not at all. Cried so much those two episodes.

  8. It's my favourite show.
    I loved Emily, and hope they will bring her back somehow; miss JJ too.
    Agent Seaver's character has suffered by being introduced as JJ went, but I quite like her.
    I love Morgan and Garcia, and wish he'd wake up.
    This last series has upped the horror though, I think. There are quite a few episodes I find very upsetting. I wish the focus was much more on the team, and less on the pain and suffering inflicted by the unsubs.
  9. I think if Garcia & Morgan ever got together it would ruin the relationship. I like Garcia with Kevin :eek:)
    It does seem that the recent series has upped the horror, especially the end of Season 5 with Tim Curry!
    I think that they have left it open for JJ to return but not Emily unfortunetly. That was the best team I think.
  10. Prentiss will come back when Doyle is dealt with. But then the fall out from the deception will be significant, I think. Trying not to give too much away for those who haven't seen it.
  11. I think you maybe right Pookyrobin, also it is hard not to give too much away for those that haven't seen it.
    I was rather annoyed when they got rid of both Pretiss and JJ.
  12. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    Did they explain JJ's departure at all? I think I missed the first episode of this series. She just wasn't there anymore! And then she rocked up for Prentiss' "death". Do you think Hotch helped out with the false papers, as JJ spoke to him alone after Prentiss died?
  13. JJ was transffered to the Department of Defence against her wishes.
    I'm not sure if Hotch knows, he seemed genuinely upset at her "Death" it maybe that JJ told him first to prepare him??????
  14. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Makes you sound like a gangster's moll.
  15. LOL Nomad.
  16. I love it too! Genuinely shocked about Emily, but guessed what they would do. I miss JJ, not sure about the new one (can't remember her name either). I'm watching on sky, but haven't seen Friday night's one yet. The Tim Curry episodes were great. Does any have any favourite episodes?
  17. They were really good, I have so many episodes I can watch over and over again.
    The Reaper storyline was good, I cried so much when Hayley died.
  18. I did too! Although you could see what was going to happen I didn't actually think they'd kill her off! So sad. The whole reaper storyline was brilliant.
  19. Do you mean you think they should be a couple?! That idea doesn't work for me at all! It would totally ruin their flirtation. And we'd also then have to lose Nicholas Brandon, which I also wouldn't like at all. Not that he appears often, but he's fun when he does.

  20. Hotch is definitely in on the Prentiss (is it 'ss'?) thing. And the fact that he is taking the group through the whole bereavement thing means they will turn on him when it breaks - the betrayal. That is unforgivable in an American story. Despite being the only way to make it convincing. Someone major is on their way out.........

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