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Anyone done Young Voices concerts? Advice/marks out of 10, please.

Discussion in 'Music' started by walnuthead, May 20, 2011.

  1. Dear All

    Has anyone taken part in the Young Voices concerts I am considering taking part in?

    It doesn't say anywhere on their website the age range, nor the arrangements expected for transport etc. Nor is there a phone number to ask! But looks good.

    Is it as good as they say?

    Would be grateful for any info you may have.

  2. I've taken 90 children for each of the past 2 years. We absolutely loved it. It's a very long day and the music is not all easy to sing.... and be warned that there's A LOT to learn! (It took us an hour a week for 3 months to get through it all (to a good standard - I'm not sure all schools bother quite so much) and I burnt copies of the CD's for every child to practise at home too). I would recommend for years 5/6. Years 7/8 could work too if you're in secondary. You are expected to sort out your own transport, but it's the only cost involved so we hire coaches. The parents who came (£20 a ticket!) loved it too - they do put on a great show. I would definitely recommend. Watch the videos on youtube for more of an idea!
  3. Sorry - have just noticed the bracket overload in the message above!
  4. Thanks, letoile.
  5. I'm in primary, and have a keen Y3 upwards choir, but may well make it just Y5/6 project, if general opinion is that it is too difficult for younger ones.
  6. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    As a parent I just felt I was being manipulated into paying £20 for a ticket to 'see' (ha ha) my child in the concert, plus buying a t-shirt and paying for the coach. Yes, they learnt a lot of songs, but it was very much at the expense of any quality. Thre was just so much to learn. The class sang some of the songs at a school concert afterwards and they were dreadful. They didn't stand properly and looked bored out of their brains. The teacher claimed the children had loved it but when I asked them individually they were very much in two minds about it and weren't bothered about going again. I'm all in favour of singing but this is an unnecessarily expensive way of doing some singing. The Big Sings they have in our area are much better in every way. Young Voices is first and last a commercial venture. I don't like the way everyone is obsessed with big, exciting (and expensive) things for their schools, as if a school concert were not important and worthwhile.
  7. ......... tried Voice In A Milllion but my flute teacher said that Young Voices was better and more rewarding....
  8. I've been twice about 8 years ago when I first joined my school and the other music teacher had previously organised it and wanted to go with 7s.

    I did not enjoy it. They wanted too much out of the children, the conductor was really rude and I felt that he didn't realise he was working with primarily very young children.
    In response to the poster who commented about it being a commercial venture I couldn't agree more. My colleague at the time had to beg them for students from our school to take part as we'd not bought enough tickets the previous year.
  9. Still considering... but heading towards going now. It does seem to be that YV do quite a bit of charity work, and raise money for Clic Sargent and the like. And work abroad to encourage musicians in developing countries etc. Have broached the subject with a couple of parents and response was encouraging.

    nlawyn - when you say they wanted too much out of the children, is that in volume of material? (Thanks for all info, by the way.)

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