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Anyone doing the GTP in Hartlepool or through EM Direct?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by vs123, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Hi
    I don't know anyone doing the GTP in Hartlepool. I thought that if anyone else was that we could share our experiences and support each other when we start.
    My name is Vicky and I am starting the GTP in September in a primary school. I am doing KS1/foundation

  2. Hi vicky, I start my GTP in september doing ICT KS3/4 in Sleaford Lincolnshire with EM Direct slightly different to yourself but I am working with EM Direct can I be of any help? Glad to keep in touch and be of any help if needed.
  3. Hi Kev, have you completed your training plan yet. I have looked at the documents but haven't actually filled them in yet with my mentor. What information have you received from EM Direct? The last info I received was the subject audits and apel documents.
    Kev it would be good to keep in touch, especially when we start to share experiences and problems if we have any.
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Vicky xx
  4. Hi Vicky,
    Good to hear from you, I have received the same as yourself up to now and I also have not filled anything in yet.

    I am attending a pre-course induction day on Monday at EM Direct with my mentor so hopfully more will become apparent and we can spend some time looking at what will be required from my point of view.

    Good idea to keep in touch, bit lonely on your own and when you're stuck for ways in trying to obtain evidence for the standards two head are better than one.

    Have you looked at the skills tests yet? look loads of fun :0)

    Contact me on my hotmail if you wish kevmitson@hotmail.com

    take care and I will let you know how Monday goes

  5. Hi Kev, I have looked and tried the skills tests and think I will be doing them for the whole of the summer holidays (they are so much fun! :(( not!). I have already had my pre-commencement day and it was a lot to take in. I think it made my mentor feel better as she knows what she needs to do. I will email you if I have any queries.
    Vicky xx
  6. Hi Vicky.

    wondering if you might be able to help me!

    i am going to apply for a GTP in primary through hartlepool/em direct. was wondering if you could just explain how you applied and how you went about finding a school to take you on? i have downloaded all of the info from em direct but its all quite bafling at the minute:s!

    anyway hope its going ok for you. which school are you tarining at? i went to school in hartlepool!
  7. Hi Andy,
    If you leave me your email address I will forward some of my things that I sent when I applied. I would prefer not to give details of my school on here but will email you details.
    I was already working in a school in Hartlepool that agreed to take me on.
    What are you doing at the minute? Do you have any experience in school?

  8. Hi again vicky. thanks for the reply. My email address is andyhenson22@googlemail.com

    i work in a lab at the minute. i spent some time volunteering in a hartlepool primary school last year and will hopefully be going back to do some more soon! i applied for a primary GTP with stockton council last year and got quite a way through the process. I had an interview which i thought went really well but i was overlooked for a lack of experience i think. It was hard for me to get any experience last year because i couldnt get the time off work that i needed to volunteer.

    thanks again vicky
  9. Hi Andy,

    It will be the weekend (probably Saturday) when I email you as I am out of town on some training courses for the GTP until Thursday night.
  10. Hi,
    I am due to start the GTP course with EM Direct in Hartlepool in September and came across your post. Would just like to know a little bit about the course ie. outline etc.
    Have you enjoyed your training with them?
    Did you have to find your own school?
    Many Thanks
  11. Hi,
    I am due to start the GTP course this September in Hartlepool with EM Direct and would just liek to know a little bit about the course outline and how you have found the workload?
    Many Thanks
  12. HI Melissa I am also due to start the gtp with em direct in Hartlepool. Are you already working in a school or do you have to find one? I already work as a HLTA in a school. Do you know anyone else who is doing it in hartlepool?

  13. Hi Jane, I've already replied to one of your postings but there seems to be so many postings its all a big muddle. I'm starting my GTP in Hartlepool in September too. I already work in a school as a HLTA and that school is supporting me.Do you already work in a school? I only know of three people who are doing it at Hartlepool so far I can't seem to find out. I am doing primary. What about you? Louise
  14. Hi all.
    Thought i might as well post on here too!
    i Have been offered a place on the primary GTP in Hartlepool. However they couldnt offer me a school yet becuase they are waiting for schools to discover their budgets....
    anyone else in this situation?

    I have applied to about 20 schools already myself but have only had 3 replies.....all saying no!
    Im hoping some schools will commit to the course but the waiting is so stressful

  15. cleanmachine

    cleanmachine New commenter

    Hi Louise,
    I already have a supporting school, just wondering if you have heard anything from EM direct at all other than the original letter and forms for school? Do you know when we will receive a welcome pack or dates of training etc?
    Have you got an email address I can email you on?
  16. Hi Melissa,
    I was wondering myself when we would receive a welcome pack, I have not got one yet. Are you primary or secondary and do you know anyone else doing it in hartlepool. My email is paylou@ntlworld.com. Louise
  17. Hi All,
    I am starting my GTP in Hartlepool with EM Direct this September. I am doing secondary maths. I have not recieved a welcome pack, however will be attending the introduction briefing at Hull on 4th July - where I hope to find out alot about course. Anyone else attending?
    Would love to get in contact with someone in the same boat!

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