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Anyone do a film club?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Waterfin, May 20, 2011.

  1. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Filmclub are finally up and running in Wales and I've been invited to their induction afternoon as I expressed an interest after reading about a few people on here who run it with their children.
    Just wondering any positives/negatives that anyone has found running the club or any hidden costs? Thanks in advance.
  2. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Hidden cost: buying popcorn for the kids to eat. (Not obligatory, I know, but at least it stopped them bringing in chewing gum and other unsuitable items!)
    To be honest, I think it's great but found it difficult with my Year 5/6 group as often, despite watching a film over two weeks (meaning I was at school until 5pm each week), we hardly ever got time to go onto the website for the kids to review. Yes, they can do it at home, but I found they didn't. They just wanted to watch the films in school and talk amongst themselves while it was on, they weren't even interested in our discussions afterwards when I, with a Film degree, would talk to them about how it was filmed etc. They didn't even really want to say what they liked or disliked about it except it was "stupid". Plus I only had 8 regular members, so I decided it wasn't worth my while and have stopped running it. Shame.
    I do know of lots of people who run successful clubs, though. Please don't let my experience put you off!
  3. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Thanks. Time is my major consideration at the moment, to be honest. As a part timer I only have after school sessions a week. One of those is staff meeting and one is when I plan with my partner teacher. The other I am on gate duty for, so something is going to have to give or be shuffled around if they want me to run a club.

    I already have a hot air corn popper! [​IMG] so that wouldn't be a problem. And I fancied a club that meant I could sit companiably in my warm classroom with the children (and get a bit of sneaky marking done at the same time! ) while still being seen to be running a club.
    Still undecided at the moment, and may just stick to running my lunchtime music club instead as that suits me at the moment.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    The people who run ours are in the same year group and so do some planning and stuff together at the back of the room while the children watch the film. About 20-30 go most weeks from year 3/4 and it is from 3.30 - 5.00. They love it and other year groups in the school would love to have the chance as well. Some of them, about half a dozen it seems, write reviews in school at lunchtime more or less independently.

    Our kids don't popcorn or anything except on the last week of term!
  5. We fun an after school film club once per week that is open to the whole school. (30 places) Runs 3:15-5pm. Parents are asked to send in a snack for the child and most turn up with a small cinema-like bag of goodies. We use the hall. It is easy to work at the side/back of the hall - unless you get engrossed in the film!
    No hidden costs as such - although we do sometimes offer small prizes for the child who writes the best review onto the website - one for KS1, one for KS2.
  6. karentee

    karentee New commenter

    Ours runs from 3.15 to 5pm, I usually sit at the back and do my marking, which can be trickiy in the winter! You can choose films depending on their length so it is possible to select a film that is only 30 minutes long and spend the rest of the time writing revews, if you wanted. I often alternate with a long film one week, a shorteer one the follwoing week and the rest fo the second week we write reviews for both films. I have found splitting films over 2 weeks is far from ideal and doesn't really work
  7. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I'd love to mark at the back of the room, but in winter it's impossible to see what you're marking! I tried using my mobile phone but that wasn't really practical!
    I always ended up wanting to do something on my computer, which I couldn't because it was being used for the film.
  8. I have run 2 clubs.

    The first one was at my last school. I ran it solo. Showed the film on my big classroom projection screen. Children used laptops to go on the film site while watching. I did marking and going round room to check they were all on the correct site!

    One i run now is joint with a colleague. We use the ICT suite. Children log into website with help from the other teacher while I sort out the film.
    We don't have any snacks.

    At some point this term we will hopefully be doing some writing producing and directing our own film..... have to find time to learn how to do that first!
  9. No costs whatsoever.

    3.30-4.30 each week. Kids bring own popcorn. We take 2 sessions to watch a film. Film Club are brilliantly fast at returning DVDs. It all works like clockwork.

    Beware though. Schools, as of last April, are responsible for paying for their own PVS licenses. Mine is, for example. £160 for up to 749 pupils. Due to cutbacks, the govt will no longer pay for this.
  10. And PS - YES I also do my marking at the back of the room!

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