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Anyone completed the "Bristol Standard" award?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by LucyD84, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Has anyone completed the "Bristol Standard" award for early years? I teach reception (one form entry school... Therefore I am also early years leader) and SLT would like me to try and and work towards this award. Just ordering how much work it involves/what exactly it entails?
  2. Bristol standard is great! Butttt it is a lot of work, the good thing is that its evidence of things you are already doing but this still takes a lot of collecting and organising but as a setting we have found it very useful in reflective practice :) It most basically involves looking into all the areas of your setting and what you do in pedagogical practice!

    Although it will take lots of non contact time I would personally say go for it!

    Hope this helps!
  3. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Established commenter

    I used to mentor the Bristol Standard, and as cholland said, it is quite a lot of work but you do get 18 months to do your first submission. There is a new version just come out I believe.

    It was never quite my cup of tea, but each to their own. It takes 10 dimensions and you reflect with your team on each one, then choose 3 or 4 to focus your targets on. You build a portfolio of evidence which is what goes to the validation. The 10 dimensions were based on the EEL project (effective early learning) which I preferred personally.

    Its certainly a good idea to see what your LA offers in terms of support, as it can be quite a lonely journey if you dont have others to share and discuss with. You will be assigned a mentor, but ongoing discussions with others on the same journey keep you going.

    It could be tricky, if you never have team meetings, as its important that you work as a team, even if that team is only 2 of you!

    Good luck with deciding
  4. rosiecg

    rosiecg Occasional commenter

    I am in a nursery, and we work towards the Bristol Standards. We have a couple of folders of evidence which we are all expected to contribute towards. We have just received our certificate for the first interim submission....

    Parents like to see awards and certificates etc on the wall, so it's worth doing just for that to be honest, though obviously it is great for self evaluation and reflection. Ofsted like it too as it shows good leadership/management and is generally good evidence towards lots of points.

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