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Anyone been to Portugal recently?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mrsfabmoretti, May 16, 2011.

  1. I'm off to the Algarve during half term and have heard horror stories about the prices of food and drink, for example, a cup of coffee costing 11 Euros? Does this sound about right? Might need to re-think my spending money...
  2. Not been since last summer ... seemed reasonable then tbh
  3. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    it was cheap last year.

  4. You can get a £1m fund and a book deal in exchange for a toddler. Hope this helps.

    cyolba, awaiting the hand-wringers :)
  5. OR

    Just the Head Shakers
  6. Was there the end of last summer, in Lisbon, and even there a coffee came in at under 2€.
    Of course, that was before Portugal went bankrupt, but I think 11€ is a bit ridiculous. If you find a cafe charging that much, I bet there won't be many locals there.
  7. Portugal is still pretty cheap. However last year when a Portuguese asked us if we had had a good holiday. I replied yes and listed the reasons why, including the low prices of public transport. He shook his head and said that for the Portugese they seemed very high, as wages are so low. I have to admit that I felt a bit guilty.
    My son has been studying in Portugal since January and finds the costs of living low, even compared to Spain.

  8. missmunchie

    missmunchie Occasional commenter

    I went there over the Easter break.
    We were visiting family and didn't eat out as much but when we did it was reasonably priced. It's cheaper than Spain, which is what we are used to. We could eat out as a family of four for around 30€.
    We went into Aldi and stocked up on wine and Port before we drove back to Spain, as it's very, very cheap. A case of 6 bottles of wine costs less than 10€, but it didn't last long !
    Enjoy your stay, the beaches there are fantastic, We might go back in the summer if they don't introduce the motorway toll between Spain and Portugal which is something ridiculous like 77€.
  9. Sick, sick, sick Cy......but it made me laugh all the same. [​IMG]
    Most of the continent is pricey nnow. Very few cheap deals to be had and tourists are fleeced everywhere. In Spain a few years ago we paid 24 euros for four small drinks...We were in a more upmarket part with yachts and Veyrons everywhere you looked, but it was still daylight robbery.

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