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Anyone been on a single parent holiday?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by aprilsmiles, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Thought I'd post as I've recently heard that us teachers are in the top 5 professions most likely to get divorced so guessing there may be a few people like me on here who are separated!
    Has anyone been on a single parent holiday? A friend of mine has just recommended a company called Single With Kids (www.singlewithkids.co.uk) and I was wondering if anyone's ever been on one of these group hols before?
    The holidays look great and my friend says she's only had good experiences with them both camping and trip abroad but as I've not been on a group holiday specifically for single parents, just thought I'd ask.
    They've got a lodge holiday to Normandy which looks lovely but just not sure...
    Any thoughts and experience appreciated.
  2. I've been on family holdays where singles (not me) have been with their kids, either on their own of with another lone parent. It didn't seem to be an issue for anyone and it avoids special status. Several of the couples included a recent partner who was not the childrens father.
  3. I went away with Small Families http://www.smallfamilies.co.uk/ three times when my son was younger, they were brilliant. PM me if you want any more info. Not heard of the one you mentioned though.
  4. I've been on the kind of family group holidays to which MAJ refers as a single parent. I've always had a great time and being a single parent hasn't been a problem - there has always been at least one other in the group. I've been with the Adventure Company and Explore, both of which do adults only holidays as well as family ones. They have single parent departures on some tours, though I have never tried them.

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