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Anyone been accepted to 2011 intake at Glasgow PGDE Primary????

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by LB24, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. I am so nervous guys - anyone heard anything????? [​IMG]
  2. I am so nervous guys - anyone heard anything????? [​IMG]
  3. Had my interview on Tuesday 11th and really wish we didn't have to wait for news!!
  4. Hi lucyb54 yeah me to.. My interview was Tuesday 11th. I'm so nervous - just really want to know! Do you know how many places there are? ...I don't remember anyone telling me!
  5. Awe do you you think it will be as long as that jillyfish? I hope not lol.. I'm constantly checking track - waiting is the worst! When was your interview? How dis you feel it went?
    L x
  6. Hi,
    My friend who interviewed on the 11th has had her offer through GTTR this morning. I am really happy for her but also disappointed I dont know yet! I dont think I'll get in as my interview was pants (I went on the 6th). Would be shocked if I get in but just want to hear it from the horses mouth!
    I emailed the uni to ask when they will have completed updating GTTR as I understand offers have started to be made and the reply was that it will be the end of Feb before they are complete! I thought the GTTR gave the unis till the end of Jan, not Feb to make offers! Grrr!
    Oh well, will just keep pacing the floor for another 6 weeks! My friend is so lucky she has only had to wait a week to find out! She must have been one of the best there.
  7. Congrats to your friend - hope I'm in the sane position next :)) what was her name? I was interviewd on the same date... Hopefully it's positive news for us all soon! Oh & is it just a random order or do they inform successful applicants first?
  8. Oh Id rather not say her name, just because she needs to keep it quiet from her employer until she gets her int2 maths grade in August. I need to get my maths as well, if I even get an offer!
    Im not sure how they are doing it. It seems to be offers first as no-one around here has a rejection yet? Obviously not every candidate will be on here but I guess no news is good news? Clutching at straws I think! Lol. Theres no point checking track after 5pm tonight and before lunch time tomorrow I reckon. Oh the suspense is KILLING me!!!!
    My friend got the GTTR email prompting her to check track. Did you get that for your interview? I didnt ever get the promt email, I just happened to check track for the first time and it said interview.
  9. Awe no probs just incase maybe she was in my group. Yeah I've been checking track at all times, sad I know lol I keep thinking just incase lol. Why you think not before lunch? Maybe to give it a chance to update? Sorry for all the questions!

    No I didn't get an email when there was a change to my application. I just randomly checked to find out I had an interview. I checked that my email was connected etc & everything seemed ok. I don't know why it didn't work!

    Oh I hope no news is definetly GOOD news for me!! You to :)
  10. Yeah just to let the administrator time to update it. Maybe we werent meant to get a prompt for the interview. Oh well.
    Yeah good luck to you!
  11. I had my interview on January 6th and got the wee prompt email last night......checked the ol' Track with a shaking hand this morning and it said the most beautiful word in the world - UNCONDITIONAL! [​IMG]

    Hope everyone else gets such amazing news too!!!
  12. Fantastic news - me toooooooo :)) I am sooooo HAPPY... UNCONDITIONAL is definetly my new fav word haha!

    Well done us :)) yippppeeeeeee!!!
  13. Well done folks! I went on the 6th and have no news yet :(
    My two buddies went on the 11th and have been offered yesterday and today. I am sooooo desperate to get some news!!!! :(
  14. I got an email prompt today too and on checking Track discovered that I have an unconditional! So pleased as I had completely talked myself into failing and reapplying next year. Was very suprised as at the Interview ( Jan 11th pm session) , we were told that the decisions would be made in Feb after funding had been confirmed by Scot Exec. We were specifically told not to keep checking Track as there would be no decisions until then.
    Good Luck Everyone!
  15. I'm sure you'll hear pretty soon peewee1981.. I know it's probably no consolation hearing that from me but I hope it's good news for you when it comes :)

    Congrats Shesav - see you in August hehe :)
  16. Good Luck everyone!!
    Hope there was more good news sent out to everyone today ???!!!! [​IMG]
  17. <u></u>
    Hey peewee

    I was the Caroline in your group at the interview on the 6th. Just to let you know I got my unsuccessful in this morning, so I'd say no news is good news!

    Good luck!
  18. Aw Caroline, Im sorry you didnt get in :(
    Are you going to try again next year? I have applied to Jordanhill and Paisley as well but no news from Jordanhill till Glasgow reject me by which time Jordanhill will be full and Paisley are making interview invites next week so fingers crossed.
    When did you get the email asking you to check GTTR?
    Thanks for all the words of encouragement guys!
  19. Yeah, I'll definitly try again next year and hopefully have a better idea of what they are looking for. Your presentation was excellent so I'd defo say no news is good news at this stage. I had applied to jordanhill but that was already full when I got my unsuccessful. I got the email at like 11 pm on the 18th so I think i was in their definite no pile haha!
    Best of luck anyways!
  20. Had my interview on 24th Feb and still waiting to find out result!! I'm so anxious! I know people have started getting "unsuccessful" in the past 48 hours. Anyone heard anything positive? I'm hoping no news is good news. Fingers crossed.

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