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Anyone applying Strathclyde PGDE 2016

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by miss ali, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. miss ali

    miss ali New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    Anyone out there applying for PGDE 2016 intake? I'm in the process of completing my application - does anyone know when the interviews will be if application is successful and what format the interviews take?

    Thank you
  2. Jules246

    Jules246 New commenter

    Hi Miss Ali

    I have recently decided to apply however I have heard from someone who did the PGDE primary last year at Glasgow Uni and was told by 14th December she had a place so a little worried that I am leaving it late! Are you thinking of Primary or Secondary? I am going to apply for Secondary (science) to become a teacher of the Deaf.

  3. Seryph

    Seryph New commenter

    Yep, I've applied and have my interview with Glasgow Uni (my uni) on the 14th and Strathclyde on the 17th.
    I've already had two interviews in London (where I'm originally from, but I've lived in Glasgow for 8 years) and been offered a place at both.
    I know Glasgow uni are doing interviews between December and March and all applicants will know by March 31st, I don't know about Strathclyde's deadlines though. Glasgow's interview is apparently: an introduction by School of Education staff, a group discussion, a written task and an individual interview. Strathclyde's interview is: a presentation by the Course leader, an individual interview of around 15 minutes and a short written task of 250 words. This all seems pretty standard I think.

    Oh, and I'm aiming for Primary.
    Jules246 likes this.
  4. Jules246

    Jules246 New commenter

    Hi Seryph
    Good luck for tomorrow! Let me know how you got on!
    I have decided after a long battle with myself that it is primary teaching that I wish to do, with the deaf in particular! I have almost finished with my application, just waiting on my referee confirming his email address as it doesn't seem to be saving for me.
    Can I ask a question though about the application? It asks for your choices of Uni's and so I started putting in strathclyde, then Glasgow and then WoS however when I look at my application as a whole, it has put Glasgow up top, with Strathclyde underneath, then WoS at the bottom. It hasn't prioritised my choice. Did this happen with anyone else? And if so how did you correct it?
    Good luck Seryph for the 17th also. How much notice did you get given for the interview?
  5. Seryph

    Seryph New commenter

    Thanks! I think I got two weeks notice on it, just waiting to hear back now.
    I think it just displays them alphabetically? I only applied to Glasgow and Strathclyde on the undergrad system so it's hard to tell.
    Jules246 likes this.
  6. Jules246

    Jules246 New commenter

    So how did you get on? Have you heard back yet?
  7. Seryph

    Seryph New commenter

    Yeah, I've heard back. Strathclyde said no. I'm still waiting to hear from Glasgow though and I've got a place waiting for me on a SCITT PGCE in London, so at least I have that.
    Jules246 likes this.
  8. clairebear808

    clairebear808 New commenter

    I've got an interview at Strathclyde next week...anyone else?
    Jules246 likes this.
  9. Jules246

    Jules246 New commenter

    Hi Clairebear808.
    That's great news. Good luck! I was unsuccessful with Strathclyde this year for the application stage as they say I have lack of experience.
    Glasgow Uni have asked me for an interview in a couple of weeks so trying to study up for it.
    Seryph, have you heard anything back from Glasgow Uni?
  10. Glitterbomb

    Glitterbomb New commenter

    I have an interview next week with Strathclyde. Not heard back from Glasgow, or UWS as of yet. I am so nervous for this interview.
    Can anyone elaborate on the written task?

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