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Anyone applying for PGCE Drama 2011?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Drama_newbie, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Hi Sam,

    I am about to start the drama PGDE at Edinburgh. My advice would be to apply as soon as the GTTR opens in September for the 2011 cycle. And try and get as much school experience as possible, even one day a week will give you experience to talk about in your GTTR application and hopefully PGCE interview. They will ask you stuff at interview about theatre practitioners and how you would teach them, etc. But there is also a lot about education policy and news, so start reading the TES every week, and looking at the education sections on broadsheet newspaper-websites. I did a course at CSSD and it is okay, although the library is tiny and shut during the holidays when you need books for essay deadlines! CSSD has a great reputation, but is more like a college. The best thing to do when choosing a PGCE course is think about where you would be happy living for a year, what you can afford in terms of rent/daily travel, etc, and also what kind of schools you would want to do your placements in. Search these forums for advice on writing your GTTR application and PGCE interviews for specific institutions. Good luck, message me if you need any more advice. X
  2. Hiya Sam,

    Also applying for Drama 2011! Attempting to spend my summer preparing for applying also, but getting bogged down with reading too many prospectuses & university information to see which ones to apply to.

    Though think so far I'm going to apply for Reading & Goldsmiths though other 2 choices I dont have a clue about.

    Ellen x
  3. Hi,

    I have applied for PGDE Drama 2011 start and Edinburgh is my first choice. I have been in contact with the uni and they have everything they need from me (I applied as soon in September). There still seems to be no news on interview date from Edinburgh yet and I think other uni's are interviewing. When did you have your interview last year? Thanks for your help.

  4. Hi JP,
    I've also applied to Edinburgh for my first choice, although for secondary History. It seems strange that you haven't heard about an interview date yet. According to the GTTR the universities are supposed to let you know if you have an interview within 28 days of receiving your application and are supposed to make a final decision within 56 days. Obviously none of them can make final decisions until they have received their budgets but if they require more time they should contact the GTTR. I only applied in mid-December so my 28 days aren't up yet but the GTTR recommends that you should contact the university if you haven't heard from them regarding an interview within four weeks of them receiving your application. I'm worried now 'cos I'd convinced myself I would know whether I had an interview or not by next week! I'll definitely be giving Edinburgh a call if I don't hear from them by the deadline. I've been in touch with the admissions officers a few times about my application and they've always been really helpful. Please let me know if you hear anything. Good luck!
  5. I did my PGCE at Chester and it was fab! - good luck - not many Drama places about these days! Misssmile
  6. Good luck with your applications.

    You seem to have a wide geographic net there. Remember the boring things like how much it will cost to live in London -v- living in Chester for example. :)

    I second the advice to apply early. CSSD will have filled their course up by the end of Dec/beginning of January for example. I disagree with the poster above who has said CSSD is more like a college and that the library is closed during holidays. The library is only closed over statutory holiday periods - so Easter bank holiday for example. It also tends to be closed for 5 days over Christmas - again, that tends to be the days of Christmas Day/Boxing Day up until New Year. Not entirely unusual. University libraries have days when they are shut as well ;-) CSSD is not a university. It's a Drama school. A very well respected one. It is small compared to something like Reading uni but it offers great networking opportunities. It's definitely not like a college IMO.

    Good luck with your application. I would suggest that there are far more jobs in Drama in and around London than there are up north, especially in the North East/West so that may be something you bear in mind when applying.

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