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Anyone applied to West Berkshire or RBWM GTP courses??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by KellyME, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me or heard anything new??
    I applied to West Berkshire GTP in January and I heard back 2 weeks later via email that I had been shortlisted for interview [​IMG] and they would be in touch nearer the time about the day and time of this. Anyone had an interview already? If so, what was it like?
    I applied to RBWM (Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead) GTP in January too and so far have only sent a letter of acknowledgement to say they have recieved my application and will be in touch nearer the closing date which is on the 28th February. Anyone heard back despite the closing date??
    Many Thanks
  2. Hello Kelly

    Yes I've applied to RBWM GTP as well. I got a letter near the end of last week to say that my application had been received and that we would hear in March if we had been shortlisted.

    Well done on the West Berks one, when is your interview?

    What subject are you applying for?
  3. Thanks!
    I don't know the dates of my interview yet, they are going to send me the details soon.
    I am applying for Primary GTP you??
  4. I've applied for Primary too!

    I also applied for PGCE through Reading Uni.

    Good luck for the West Berks one, let me know when you get an interview date.

    G :)
  5. I got my interview date..... They informed me yesterday that they had a cancellation so its on Friday 4th 12:40 - 4pm... a lot to prepare in so little time but I guess thats like being a teacher lol!

  6. Wow, congrats that is short notice! I wouldn't have been able to get time off that quickly!

    What have they asked you to prepare? Well done and good luck!
  7. Well I couldn't help the time they gave me besides I'd rather get it over and done with. My boss doesn't particulaly like me at the moment anyways! As ive applied for both GTP and PGCE i've needed quite a bit of time off and I think its starting to annoy them.
    I have loads.... I got to take part in observing a class for 30 minutes and interact with the children.
    Read a story to a year 3 class for 15 minutes.
    Be interviewed on my own for 45 minutes
    Prepare a pre-interview task which will form some part of the interview which is on "healthy lifestyles" this is in 4 parts of
    1.listing key knowledge, 2. think of activies for them to do, 3.then decide on ways to develop numeracy and literacy on the subject and 4. make it suitable for a specific age group.
    Getting tired just typing it lol!

  8. Yeah I won't be going back into halls, im having to go back to living with my parents for financial support. Not ideal but I have to remind myself its only for 9 months. But I need to get my finance in gear in too and sort that out.
    Yeah I have a conditional place at Oxford Brookes. I have to pass the health check and CRB and also do 10 days in a state school as I work in a private school. Which is *** if you ask me and a complete waste of my time that I have to somehow get off.

    TARYNB New commenter

    Hey Kelly.

    I was meant to have an interview for west berks today. they are interviewing loads so worried i wont get it :( I cancelled today as had to go on a course :( which got cancelled so annoyed. now its on the 29th. was ur interview hard? did they seem nice? so glad you put all of this stuff on here helps me so much as i havent heard from them abotu what to do. and obcisouly as we all work in schools we dnot have much time to prepare. what kinds of thiongs did they ask inteh interview? and the pre interview task did you have to talk about that in ur itnerivew too?

    Sorry for so many questions so worried about it.



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