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Anyone accepted on the Primary SCITT/PGCE at Nottingham University?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MM30, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. I have been accepted on the Primary SCITT/PGCE course for Sept 2012. I just wondered if anyone else has also been accepted? I haven't heard from the University as yet - Only via email confirming my acceptance. I have been told that confirmation letters will be sent out soon. Just waiting now :s
  2. Me too! What region are you going to be in? And I know, I've still not had anything from Nottingham yet - I've been waiting since the end of November when I got accepted by my school, but thankfully GTTR has changed now so at least I didn't dream it all. Hopefully things will get sent out soon!
  3. I've emailed twice now, once before xmas and again on saturday. No reply as of yet :/
  4. Hey all :)

    I have been accepted onto this course too :) but like you all I passed my school interview 3 weeks ago now and was told I would hear from Nottingham with a letter to confirm etc but not heard anything. I have emailed like twice but no reply - so glad I am not the only one :/

    Where are you both placed?

  5. Hey

    Thanks for that I suppose I only got through 4 weeks
    Ago but I just want the confirmation! I'm going to be based in banks lane
    Infant school, Stockport!
    Guess we shall all be meeting soon when we go to Nottingham!
  6. I don't know if any of you can help me but... Have you applied for student finance yet? If so can I apply now without an acceptance letter or do I have to wait until I get one? I just worry as the deadline for applying is may and I need my
    Money to come through on time as I will be moving out :/
    If anyone can help id be soooo grateful :)

  7. Hi Clare_mcd
    I've just completed mine and it was fine. Bit tricky though
    and you will want to pull your hair out afterwards but you can apply now.
  8. Hi Louisa

    Thanks very much I ended up ringing student finance and they said it was fine for me to apply anyway so I have done - thanks for your response though :)

    I just wish my confirmation letter would hurry up and come now!!
  9. Hi everyone,
    I'm Claire and I've been accepted on SCITT/PGCE 2012/13. Im going to be based at a school in Leicester. Really looking forward to it. Infact im going to do some voluntary work at the school this summer term in preparation - mainly so that I know where things are, who does what and discover my way around the maze of corridors!!
    Does anyone know of any course specific books we need to get / read?? I understand that we get a passord to access online resources in July, but id sooner start now if poss.
  10. Hi Claire,

    You should get your password for the online site with the big pack of forms they send you (it took them about 3 months to get round to sending me mine though)!

    The only prep reading we need to do according to them is to buy the book: Doherty, J. and Hughes, M. (2009) Child Development Theory and Practice 0-11, Harlow: Pearson Longman. They essentially want to us to read chapters 2, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 and we will use chapter 3 during the course so I guess it might be worth giving that a glance too if you get chance! Its all to prepare us for the 'group task' we'll be doing on it at the study school which is getting into groups to discuss the following questions based on the reading:
    1. Which factors should teachers take into consideration before answering the question: ?How do children learn??
    2. Which factors should teachers be aware of when considering why children may not be learning well?
    3. What are the implications of the first two questions for teachers planning lessons?
    There's a more detailed reading outline directing you to specific boxes and things in the text but its quite long and I'm sure they'll send you access to the site soon if they haven't already! But at least this way you can get started with it. :)

    I'm really excited about it and can't wait to meet everyone at the summer school! I wish I could go to my school for a bit before the summer but as its 1 1/2 hours drive away from here I don't think I'll be able to go unless I've found somewhere to live over there before the end of the school term! Fortunately, its like the smallest school you've ever seen so at least I won't get lost!

    Rachel xxx
  11. Hi Claire I am new to all of this too and still have not received anything from Nottingham despite passing the interview in February!
    Rachel can I ask when did you get the pack and password? I mean how long after your interview was it?
    Clare xxx
  12. Thanks for that information Rachel. I went straight onto Amazon and ordered the book!!
    Its so frustraiting not having anything in writing yet!! it dosent feel real!!
    Clare, you'll have to let us know when you recieve any paper work from Nottingham. If we dont get something soon, i think we should call them.
    Wouldnt it be good to keep this, or some other forum going throughout the course? We could exchange thoughts and ideas and discuss any problems we encounter.
    What do you think??
    Claire xx
  13. Hey :)

    I know have you still not heard anything then yet Claire? When did you pass the interview? It is getting annoying now as I passed my interview at the school towards the end of february and still nothing! I have emailed them already but they just say you will get it when you get it - so not much help really :/

    I definitely think something like this would be good! I had a little search on Facebook and it appears that Zareeda (from the Uni) sets up a private group on there too for people to get in touch with one another so maybe she will do that again?!

    Clare xx
  14. Hey Claire

    Ok well let me know what they say! When did you pass your interviews? I hope the stuff comes
    Soon :( even if my GTTR just changes i'd feel better!

    I might order that book when I get paid!

    Clare. Xxx
  15. Well done teachermummy! Where is your school? I don't know about you guys.. but I'm so excited! :D

    We have the option of choosing a specialist subject or sticking to just primary PGCE? (if you are KS1/KS2)
    What do you guys think? I don't know what to do!! Xx
  16. My school is Morley Primary in Derbyshire, about 4 miles from my home!!! I'd quite like to specialise in Maths if I can, how about you? xx
  17. My school is banks lane in Stockport! And I think I'd like to specialise in English but may just see what they recommend :) I really want my confirmation letter now! Has anybody who hadn't heard heard anything yet?
    I am so excited to start though it's going to be hard work but so much fun!
  18. I really wouldn't worry about not hearing anything - I got my place at my school interview at the very end of November/very beginning of December and only got my pack with my password and everything in the middle/end of March - so you're looking at at least 3 months if they're still working at that rate! Though I suspect they will have to speed things up or your CRBs and things won't come back in time. Having said that, I still haven't had mine back despite sending it straight back to them, and they'd ticked that they'd seen documents they hadn't seen (like my degree certificate for the degree I'm still doing) and demanded to see things which I definitely know they've seen (like my reference which the headteacher showed me at my schools interview!). I've emailed them about it but I've had no response either so you aren't alone! I hope you all hear soon though, I remember how worrying it was not having confirmation of anything - I kept thinking I'd dreamt it!

    I'm soooo excited about getting stuck into it - I keep getting distracted from writing my dissertation looking at teaching things! I think I'm going to specialise in Early Years as my alternative key stage is EYFS and it appears I'll be able to do it despite only being there for 7 weeks or something! I don't have A levels in any of the subject you see, just an AS in english lit.

    Congratulations to those who've got places since I was last one here - its really nice that there's quite a few of us now!
  19. Thanks Rach! I just really want the confirmation! Why is it so slow?! haha
    I am exactly the same though got all these essays to write but can't because I keep thinking about next year! Yes I think EYFS would be good to specialise in but I don't think you have to be a whizz at a subject to specialise in it anyway but you could always ask.

    I wish more and more people would join this forum so we know how many are out there!
  20. Hi Claire

    Oh wow congratulations on finally getting it! Can I ask when did you pass your interview?

    I have emailed her loads now so I don't think I can email anymore she will hate me haha!

    I hope I do too!

    Clare xx

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