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Anybody working today...?!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by mere57, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. No work this week :-( Only 1 day last week :-( Typical that at the time when money is really needed there is no work! Has anyone got any work between now and xmas?!
    Don't think I'll get any now!
  2. 1 and a half days last week. None so far this week. Cash flow problem worsening..not to mention pension if I live that long. Highly unlikely!
  3. Today I worked on my bio for my youtube channel-mtytst1-and find myself describing myself as a retired teacher, despite not finding myself ready for that role. Luckily I can live without the supply income now, but I miss the teaching especially at Christmas.
  4. Worked whole day Monday but have such a sore throat and hardly any voice today that I don't think i'd be much use even if there was any work. Very unlikely that there will be any now until January!
  5. Still only two hours since April. I thought I had got something sorted out at last, for January, but it fell through; still had to cough up for yet another CRB,though. [​IMG]
  6. Nothing this week so far, but I have had to say that I can't work today, as my sore throat has now turned into tonsillitis. Typical really! I really could do with the money for Christmas :-(

    Had 2 days as a teacher & one as a TA last week, and have one day booked in for next week at a school I will be working in 4 days a week for a term starting in January!
  7. lrw22

    lrw22 Established commenter

    4 days last week and working today but I think that will be it until January.
  8. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Having been on supply a<u> very long</u> time, I would say there's rarely work in the last week on the Christmas term and generallt little work at the beginning and end of terms.
    I've had only one call this entire term, which I couldn't make anyway.
  9. Wasn't expecting any... wasn't disappointed! The way the holidays have worked out locally is playing into favour though - because I work across a cluster of LEAs - Christmas is completely out of sync with one LEA meaning there's the chance (hah hah) of work into the middle of next week, and then again almost immediately in January as one breaks up and goes back much later than the others.
    I ain't even getting up anymore - was having a wonderful dream involving various members of Take That dipped in warm chocolate instead of sitting by the phone - seemed a more productive use of my time.
  10. Ha ha that definitely sounds more productive :)
    Glad it's not just me then! I daren't not get up and get ready though just in case!
    I know what you mean about missing the classroom this time of year x
  11. Thinking back on it, I have a nasty suspicion that I might have been 'conned' by the agency. It approached me about covering a jury service in January, saying that the school were 'very interested' in me and they would like me to go in for a day this week, so I would need a fresh CRB, which i grudging paid for. When I had not heard anymore by this morning, I e-mailed the agency. I got a reply saying that the vacancy had 'fallen through'.
  12. I had a whole day on Monday, yesterday afternoon and this morning in a primary school... Quite surprised to get work in the last week of term as its not usual. Roll on next term and I hope the work continues for all. I have had 21 days this term Hope this continues.
  13. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    I actually had an entire week the last week of term before Xmas last year, when I was still a trainee! One of the teachers at my placement school got flu and they needed someone for the whole week and wanted someone who knew the kids (they had Xmas concert and stuff to prepare for and I knew the score!)
    I had Monday this week, but that was booked in advance - I've done the last 3 mondays in that class. To be honest when I got there I was surprised they hadn't cancelled me - maths test first thing, all I had to do was read out the questions, hat making second session, extended lunch break then kids Xmas party in the afternoon! If there was ever a case for a TA covering a class I'm sure that would have been it (not that I'm complaining!!)! Also had yesterday in my new school (paid), but I'm not hopeful for the rest of the week after what I've seen above, and my experience on Monday.
  14. Sounds like a good day! I'm thinking that it will be christmas type activities from now on and that TAs will be used to cover if necessary :-(
  15. I was working today, and on Monday, and another day booked on Friday. Secondary school I am in has Y10 work experience and exams all week, so lots of cover needed. To be honest I am exhausted and really looking forward to some time off over the holidays. I am praying that I am not asked to work next week as it just gets harder and harder to control classes the closer to Christmas it gets!
  16. I agree with everything that's been said! I haven't had any work at all this week, but I went into my new school for my January job. I'm starting out my NQT so feeling nervous but excited!
    I have to say I've been very lucky with my agency and have been getting at least three days a week on supply since September. This has been great and has continued building my confidence! I'm back to my school again tomorrow to join in with the festivities. As for Friday I think it's going to be a lay in day, I've religiously woken myself up at 7am everyday since September and I don't really think they'll be any work for me!
    I hope all of you supply teachers have a great Christmas and receive more supply in the new year
    Sugaplum88 xx
  17. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    To my surprise I've worked all three days so far this week (two different schools), kids have all got "Christmas Fever" now and are mad as a box of frogs.
    Been advised not to expect anything tomorrow but will still get up early (for the last time this year) just in case. Will not be disappointed if not needed though.
    Going to pub Thursday night, might just have a little Christmas drink (followed by several large ones)[​IMG]
  18. Well I am on long term doing every afternoon doing PPA but that's been changed last week and this. Last week I was in Monday afternoon doing a Christmas fire drill then calendar making in y3 and Friday I was asked in to help the PPA team cover the whole school watching a DVD. This week I did a whole day in y3/4 as deputy was out doing stuff and was left Xmas work then this morning another whole school DVD. I am not complaining though but was surprised. The DVD supervision is me, another PPA teacher who is on contract and a bunch of TAs. On Monday I was in a class all day and another teacher (contracted PPA one) was taking kids out of classes a couple at a time to make Xmas stuff. She does struggle with the class I had but I was surprised a TA wasn't given that job and her put in the class for the day. I was originally told I would have no work last week and this so I an a couple of hundred quid up. Good luck everyone else.
  19. My situation is a bit funny..... im working as a TA from last week and this week however the class teacher is not here and the class teacher is a TA.....[​IMG]
  20. I've survived on a spattering of tutorials since September. I have had a week or so at a SEBN school this month. This did not stop the primus inter pares from asking me back for a week and then cancelling part of that booking after I had purchased a weekly train ticket. As the ticket cost me &pound;90, I am a bit put out, literally. Where are the unions and the journos when you need them? Braying away over the their pensions, one assumes.

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