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Anybody with kids doing AS in May?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by eggnchips, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Please has anybody any ideas for motivating bright but lazy? I am about to give up but still can't stand back and watch him mess up.
  2. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    Ah...I have one of these, but he's only in Year 10. It does make you feel incredibly ineffective as a parent. Not sure what to suggest, as I also have one doing AS levels, but he is much more organised and doesn't need me to motivate him, although I have been making pointed remarks about the amount of time he is spending on Facebook and the x-box, which seems to have worked!
    What subjects? Does he have a place where he can work undisturbed? Mine has told me he sets himself targets when he starts a revision session and only stops when he has reached them I don't know whether his tutors told him to do this or whether it was his own idea.
    Don't give up - he might actually be doing more work than you think!
  3. Teenage Monster is in Y12. We have agreed on 3 hours a day during the hols - the Head wanted 5, TM suggested 1, so this was a compromise. He works in 30 minute chunks and records on the study white board how many chunks he has done so I know just by looking. If I think he has been slothing on his computer game for too long I say "When do I start to nag again?" because I know that to interrupt a multi player game is a sin. He gives me a rough time and when that arrives I say "Nag". Because it's a pre arranged & agreed system, it takes thew heat out for us.

    ATM I am also working on an MA assignment & Firstborn has a PGCE assignment on the go. We sit companionably & work together, with FB helping TM when he gets stuck, since they are on the dark side.

    These 2 factors - pre agreement & shared pain seem to be helping a lot.
  4. Sounds like a great arrangement for creating the independent learner, you boofoons. What will they do then they are not being monioted by the 'rents I wonder. Utter boofoonery.
  5. It's somewhat ironic to see buffoon misspelt in such circumstances...

  6. I always felt that once my children were past GCSEs then it was up to them to make the effort for post 16 education. Once they're at uni, if that's what they want, you won't be there to monitor their revision. I am no longer a teacher and the best thing for me was not to be in the house during revision time and hope they got on with it! (Thankfully they did and I had minimal input).

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