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Anybody using 'Mira' Active Work? or just Mira 1 , Mira 2

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by moonlight35, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. We are thinking about buying a textbook for year 7. Our year 7 are not beginners (not very , advanced either but they are familiar with some grammar and vocabulary~); also we were considereing going for Mira 2 because of that and also the topics sound more interesting than in Mira .
    Going back to the original post does anybody use the Active Work software (I think that is what is called), Does it work or is it just the textbook projected on to the screen?
    I am trying to think of pitfalls.

    Thank you for any responses
  2. Sorry I meant 'Active Teach'!
  3. desibelle

    desibelle New commenter

    We use Mira 1 and 2 with our year 7s and 8s and we really like them. There's plenty in Mira 1 and it's got a decent mixture of easy and challenging work. Mira 2 does repeat quite a lot of the content of Mira 1 but introduces past Tense as well. it depends how advanced your students are in Year 7.
  4. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    We use the Mira series for KS3. Mira 1 is good I think, Mira 2 less so. I think its very boring.
    I also use Mira 3 rojo and verde for top set yr 9. I really like the Mira 3 series and invested in Activeteach, which I love. Its made life so much easier.

    For KS4 I use Activeteach Edexcel and again its a fab resource. I use it with Boardworks and both have made life easier. I have large mixed ability groups in yr10 and 11 so differentiation is an ongoing quest and these things have helped a lot.
  5. Thank you for replies.
    People seem to think that Mira 2 is not as good as Mira 1 so we might just consider Mira 1 and supplement it with own resources. Are the workbooks very good? Somebody suggested in other thread that they dont have the textbooks but have the workbooks instead.
    Perhaps ActiveTeach and workbooks would be good plus the assessment material.
    Any opinions on the assessment pack?

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