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Anybody starting secondary English PGCE at Exeter in Sept 2011?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by want_to_learn, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am starting History PGCE at Exeter this September too. I know it is a slightly different course, but as I understand it we'll be in lectures together until Christmas. I am very daunted about the work load and reading these forums doens't help either :S What are you doing about accomodation:?

    Take care
  2. Hey,
    Not going to be doing secondary english, but I am going to be doing Primary Maths PGCE at Exeter. There seems to be so many things to prepeare before we even start the course its crazy. Are you moving to Exeter in September? I need to find accomodation as im moving from uni in Leeds.
  3. Hi Indi,

    I'll be there.

    Looks like we've been sent quite a bit to get through! I'm busy trudging through Wuthering Heights, and have made a start on the Rose Report Zzzzzz.

    I think it'll be fine once we start up and get into the swing of things, but it's certainly difficult to get into it. I've been out of Tertiary education for around five years now, so I suppose that's part of it.

    Where are you based now? I'm not to far away - in Torbay. Probably looking to commute for lectures and whatnot. Have you secured places for your pre-course Primary and Secondary Placements?

    Anyway, hope it's going well for you.

    Take it easy,

  4. Hey I completely forgot about this forum! Hah :) I'm slowly working through the reading, am going to start the assigment next week...been so busy and I'm not very organised but that's going to have to change! I'm from Bideford so not too far either, I'm living in Exeter for the first few months anyway and then my placements are in Holsworthy and Bideford. Getting excited/scared about starting now!

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