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Anybody starting Primary PGCE at UEL in September???

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kelly9383, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. hi fazila,

    maths audit was difficult. but we can all help each other. put up the question number so that we can help u. if u do it asap

  2. [​IMG] Thank you I'm so grateful

    Ok here goes.....Q25, 30, 34 and 35.

  3. q25 was a difficult one and i think my answer may be wrong, but my answer was

    2a+b+c is a linear measurement

    abc is a volume

    2ab+c(squared) is area

    did everyone else get this??

    q30 - is ok

    you need to look at gcse stuff, and need to look this up as i cant draw the answers. i will go to uni 2mro, if u are there i can help u with this question.

    q34- use pythagoras theorem


    q35 - break the shape up and work out each individual bit then add them up.

    area of triangle =0.5xbasexheight

    area of rectangle= length x width

    area of trapezium = 0.5x (top length + bottom length) x height

    then add the three up

    I hope this helps, if any1 thinks this is wrong please please let me know. as far as i know this is correct.

  4. Thanks teachwise thats really helpful. I'm won't be coming into uni until Monday so wil see you then.
  5. Hi to all of you starting UEL next week. I thought that I was the only one struggling with the amount of work. I hope you don't mind but I stumbled upon this forum and thought it would be nice to chat to a few people before next week.

    Has anybody finished the teach a skill part yet? I'm really not sure what to choose.
  6. Hi Lou

    I think we are all stressing which is kind of good in a way as we are all in the same boat!!

    With teach a skill I thought what i was good at then realised the only thing was talking... which isn't really a skill... so i looked at the brownie hand book and badge book to see if i could pinch any ideas and I found what I was going to do. You can look at the badge book online so maybe that will give you some ideas?

    Hope that helps!!

    Good luck with it all!!

  7. Thanks for the tip. I will do that now.

    I'm just trying to get to grips with the really tough bits in the maths audit. Just a quick question have you chosen to do the Masters level essay question or the professional graduate one? I am quite a bit over the word limit of 1000 words and was a bit worried.

    Also one last thing, have any of you devised your own programme of study as suggested in the welcome pack?

    Thanks again
  8. Glad you've finally finished! I'm still working on that essay, can't beilieve I've left it 'til the day before! I'm so naughty.

    Is there really only two peer groups? I thought we'd have seven - only because we are split up into seven groups for the audits. And there are over 200 places for this course.

    I think we'll find everyone on the course just like the way we are on here - keen to help and support each other where we need it.

    I'm just wondering who we should nominate to start a UEL thread on the 'Student Forum' tomorrow!!!? Yes - we are trainee teachers in one day's time! [​IMG]

  9. Hi,

    Please can someone help me??!!!!

    Unfortunately being a scatty mare, I left my yellow UEL starter guide book at my work on friday, as it was my last day there I was rushing around and completely forgot it and left it there - agh!!

    I have finished my essay, but I have not finished the reference list, could somebody please send me the titles and authors of the papers that we had to read in the back of the booklet so that I can google for them and find the papers again, hopefully I can then get the authors I need from there (nightmare!)..

    Also, i now do not havte the timetable or the room we need to get to tomorrow morning - could some kind soul please please email me the room number we need to get to at 9am (If we start any earlier can someone also let me know that too!)

    Honestly, I am not mormally a totally disorganised person - to prove it.... I have my skill sorted to teach someone...and I have revised for my maths, eng, science audit..! Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me out...!
  10. Hi Delia
    I have the reference list here
    • Day, C. and Leith, R (2001) 'teachers' ans teacher educators' lives: the role of emotion', Teaching and Teacher Education, 17 pp 403-415
    • Wallace,W.(2005) Oranges and Lemons:Life in an Inner City Primary School London: Routledge pp. 110-124
    • Robson,C.(2002) Real World Research. Oxford: Blackwell pp.170-177
    Yes you are right we start at 9am in 300LT. I think everyone is in the same boat! I have been trying to do this essay for days and have been putting it off! Oh well better get back to work!
  11. Sorry LL2008 you are correct, there are 7 peer groups (I'm sorry I was speaking in text speak, I didnt mean to confuse anyone)[​IMG]

    Hi Delia, these things happen to the best of us at the worng time, don't worry. Here are the article sources that you were after:

    On Monday 8th we are meeting in room 300LT. For those of you whose first time this is at UEL and do not know where room 300LT is, I will give you directions, once you are through the main entrance, you go through the sliding doors, pass the little cafe, and take a left, go down the stairs, then take a left, you will see huge red doors at the end of the corridor, go through those doors then you will find yourself outside. Once you are outside you have to follow the signs directing you to the School of education building. On your way you will see a cafe called THE GREEN. In front of THE GREEN is a hut labelled 300LT (Lecture theatre) - in small print (look at carefully you may miss it). Also on your way to 300LT you may feel like your entering a construction site which you are - the building being constructed is the new PGCE building.

    Mondays' timetable is as follows:

    TIme Activity Venue

    9-10:30 Intro to the Programme 300LT

    Your Teaching groups

    The timetable


    11-12:30 An intro to UEL Plus

    2:15-3:30 The QTS standards

    The Record of Professional Development (ROPD)

    I hope this helps [​IMG]. If you cant get hold of your yellow guide by Monday, maybe you can get another one at the education helpdesk.

  12. hi delia

    Sorry i didnt realise that the references would come out like that. I have separated them for you
  13. and here is the last one

  14. Hi Teachwise - you are a complete lifesaver!!!! Thank you soooo much, I am really greatful to you. Thats fab info and i will get onto sorting myself out straihgt away.

    Thanks you once again!
  15. Hi does anyone remember what there written topic was on when they had the interview for UEL. I know you are all nervous and thinking about tomorrow, I am just looking for help as I have an interview there for the primary pgce tomorrow!
  16. hi masterson
    I don't know how much of a help I can be, but the best that i recall was something along the lines of what role the school plays in the 21st century . They focus more on the quality of your writing, so don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine!

  17. Teachwise - I get what you meant now - 'into' (in2) peer groups!!!

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]


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