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Anybody starting Primary PGCE at UEL in September???

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kelly9383, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Hi Jenny! Congratulations on getting onto the course!

    It starts 8th September, as you thought, at 9am prompt.

    You will need to work hard to complete all the tasks before you start, but as you've only just been notified that you have a place the university may make allowances and give you extra time. Saying that though, WE ALL have to sit audits in the first week, so if you can complete the samples then you'll be in a better position. I'm only on the science audit and still have maths, english essay, english revision and 'teach someone a task' to get through - so you're not too far behind! You also have to produce an updated CV - so perhaps you could make a start on that before your pack comes through?

    You can just post a copy of your degree transcript to Cass school of education/admin team, and take the original with you when you start, just in case. Do keep phoning the uni to check they have received it, as things can get lost. Have you been given a health questionnaire and CRB form too? They need to be completed asap (and the GTC suitability declaration, and the bursary form...)

    If you can't get the forms signed, then they can't be signed! Just explain to the uni - they will understand that schools close for holidays.

    But don't worry - all will be explained to you in the letters they send. Good luck. X
  2. Sorry I can't be of any help regarding the english essay. I haven't started yet, as the thought of sitting there for hours puts me off! But when I do, I'll let you know.
  3. Good day, I finished up one of my jobs, got my credit card, was told i definitely have accommodation for september and I got some books in the post for college. So far I have done the science audit and most of the maths. Cannot get my head around a couple of the questions but hopefully now the books have arrived they might be useful. Haven't started any english yet, that's the plan for tomorrow but I know they're short staffed at my other job so we'll see! Just in the ideas stage for the "teach a skill" assignment. Still have to finish my paperwork, meet with my boss, get myself and my belongings to London somehow...

    I was afraid that everyone else would be finished all the work and be tutting at me for being so behind[​IMG]

    LL2008, it is hard to sit down and do an essay after taking this year out! The brain is reluctant to kick start back into action!

  4. Oh and congradulations Jenny, welcome to the UEL thread[​IMG]
  5. Help needed please! Science audit: q. 6 - Functioning of organisms.

    I thought I had the correct order for the plant life cycle:

    seed dispersal, germination, growth, flowering, pollination, fertilisation.

    However, I went on the following website and took the quiz - http://www.cchs.co.uk/subjects/quizzes/ks3biology/plants/lifecycle.htm

    which claims the correct order is:

    seed dispersal, fertilisation, pollination, germination, growth, flowering ???!!!

    What does everyone else think?
  6. I found: pollination, fertilisation, fruit+seed development, dispersal and germination! I got it from an Irish teacher website: www.teachnet.ie

    Maybe the flowers in the UK grow differently from those crazy Irish flowers all the way over here[​IMG]

    I spent all day attempting the essay, my brain has gone a bit mushy...
  7. I think yours is following the same pattern as mine, except for 'fruit+seed development'. The other difference is that you begin at pollination (I suppose that you could arguably begin at a number of points?). Thanks anyway - I'll check out your website. I found my answer on BBC Bitesize.

    I've been doing the order of study all wrong I realised last night! I needn't have started the science, as we are tested 'in the first term' not the first week, as for maths and english!!! I had better get a move on with the essay and the maths audit this weekend. [​IMG]

    Was there anything I could help you with, or needs clarifying on the science?
  8. Hi everyone,

    I have just returned from Ibiza and not had chance to make a start on any of the work!! Aaaarrggghh!!

    Feel so behind now!

    Have given in my notice in work and leave next Wednesday, then will have only a few days to get everything done! Uh oh!!!

    Has everyone enrolled? And how exactly did you do it? x

  9. This website is soo good, i am starting my english essay today and have done my maths, so nice to see what stages we are all at!!

    Good luck everyone and see you this time next week!!

  10. Hi again everyone!

    Thanks, I had a fantastic holiday but feeling quite stressed about how behind I am as a result! Aaargh!!!

    Oh, and thanks Letmeteach...have missed you too! haha. Are you in London yet? If so, hope the move went ok!!

    All that I have managed to get done so far is my CV and some prep for the teach someone a skill task. Not even looked at the essay or eng, maths or science revision. Realistically don't think I am going to get this done! I am still in work so only have evenings! Uh oh!!

    LL2008...checked in the welcome pack and it says we will be have the science audit "in the first week of term"!!!

    And so it begins...!!! x x x
  11. And just to add...I don't think I like this new TES site so much...[​IMG]

  12. hi kelly, nice to have you back with us and glad to hear that you had a nice holiday.

    i hate the new site too, I thought it was just me. anyway what i wanted to let you know is that the maths and english audit are in the induction week so they are more important, the science audit is multiple choice (thnak God) and it is in teh first week of term. if you need any help with questions just let us know.

    I also wanted to let you guys know that the GCSE bitesize English is quite good, unfortunately it doesnt cover everything that will be in the audit but it does cover some areas in a nice and easy to understand format.
  13. I had the most horrible stressful day yesterday but FINALLY I have booked transport and I will be in England on Friday! I can't seem to see the end of the pre-course work, I'm really hoping I get it all done on time! I have had a go at the science, most of the maths (still cannot get my head around transformations or probability-have to get back to them at some stage), a CV updated but messy, I have a skill to teach and a brief plan and a few resources. Oh and a really bad essay! The English audit is scaring me a bit because I'm not sure what to expect so I'm having a go at that just as soon as I stop messing around on the computer and get some work done...any minute now...

    Thanks for the link teachwise!
  14. Oh no!! Hope you get sorted ok! I am only moving on Sunday...how stressful!! Will have Sunday night to "settle in"!!

    Thanks everyone for the links and all the advice re the work. Looking forward to meeting everyone in person come Monday!

    I am planning on getting the essay done on Thursday and hopefully some revision done on Friday. Think i'm pushing it a bit but hey!

    This has all just come round soooooooooooooooo fast!!!! x
  15. I know, I can't believe we're starting in a few days!!! I feel like I really need a few more hours in the day!

    I did the essay in about a day, so it is do-able. Mine is sheer waffle but just don't have the time to redo it, I'm hoping they'll understand that some of us might be rusty! It's hard to do an essay before we have a class [​IMG] Ah, procrastinating again....
  16. Hey guys
    I'm starting to get a bit stressed now, haven't looked at English or the 'Essay'! I've done what i can for Maths and Science. Going to have a look at the essay tonight. monday is just around the corner!

  17. Join the club!! haha. I still have the whole lot to do pretty much and I'm still in work!! Does everyone think they are gonna get it all done? I just do not know where the time has gone (though suppose going on holiday didn't help matters!!).

    My plan is to try to get the teach a skill task completed tonight once I get home (about 8pm!!) then spend tmw working on the essay. I aim to try and get it done in one day. Then Fri I have to pack up my things for the move and will try to look at the audits! Wishful thinking me thinks!! xxx
  18. I think its going to be impossible to finish everything, I'm trying to work on the essay, but I can't bring myself to sit down and write!
    I have an idea about what to do for my teach someone a task, so I'm going to leave that till Saturday, then do the English audit practice Sunday.
    Well thats the plan anyway!

  19. Hi everyone.

    Just wondered how everyone is getting on with the Maths audit? I'm struggling on a few questions and am hoping I'm not the only one!.xxx

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