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Anybody starting Primary PGCE at UEL in September???

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kelly9383, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Ok seriously worried now...

    I go on holiday on Sunday for three weeks and come back on 31 August so I don't think I will get time to complete the pack before the start of the course.

    I probably won't take the pack with me as I know I won't get time to look at it

    I know its not a good start to the course but is there any way I can lighten the load.

    I will obviously try to do as much as I can before I go
  2. hiya fazila

    try taking ur pack with you, you could at least look at the audits, work through some of the questions and read the articles. I really do feel for you. and im sure the rest of us will be online working through some of the work so if you need help just write something here.

    it will probly be a dampener on your hoolidays but its best to take the pack and to look through it at least once or twice just to familiarise yourself with it

    good luck
  3. I know it's not what you want to hear, but you'll be putting a lot of pressure on yourself if you leave it all until you get back from holiday. Can't you work out some kind of schedule e.g.
    work like mad to complete the science audit before you go,
    take the articles with you to read & make notes on while on the plane/beach,
    when you return just write up the essay, and complete the maths audit. ???

    I don't know - but please don't leave it all til you get back!
  4. Hey all, I just got my welcome pack today after work and I am officialy in a panic! The reality is hitting me now that I have to move to London (from the middle of Ireland). I can't believe how much we have to do before the course actually starts! I have to fit it all around 2 jobs and getting organised to emigrate! Do we have to get books to complete the audit? If so where will I get them??? Will the maths audit be identical to the one in the pack or will the questions be different? I know NOTHING about science anymore, it has been a good long while since I did my final exams in school!

    I'm really really nervous now and getting that horrible "am I cut out for this?" feeling! Am I making a mistake by doing this? Please someone reassure me...
  5. No you are not making the wrong decision... I am panicing too... I am off to my friend's house tonight (she is a secondary school science teacher) to help me with the science questions... i haven't got a clue.
    I am moving from Taunton to London and feel scared but excited... The pack is intense however I suposse they want us to be challenged before we get there?!!
    At least we are all in the same boat and all worried so that kind of helps?!!
  6. Thanks nicsage:) I keep telling myself that come this time next year I would rather have tried and failed than not tried at all. I know I'll be kicking myself next summer if I don't go for it now! Doesn't make it less scary though!
  7. I think the audits test us on what we should know by the END of the course, in order to gain QTS. Obviously it is in our best interests to get to that standard as soon as possible, as the PGCE doesn't focus so much on subject knowledge, rather more on teaching theory and practice. We should also attempt the TDA tests asap, so we don't have to worry about those.

    I do think it is UEL style to throw you in the deep end, so I wouldn't worry about the level set in the audits too much. A friend of mine showed me her IOE audits as preparation for my interview and they were easy in comparison! So that fills me with confidence that things will get easier, not harder, when we are actually there!!!
  8. Hey all!

    Does anyone have any idea how we should be studying for the English audit?

    With regards to the science audit the website the pack recommended is quite good, I've found it quite helpful, because it gives you the correct answers afterwards.
  9. The English audit will cover grammar (so knowing and understanding the correct grammatical terminology), punctuation and spelling - that's how I read it anyway.

    Some books that I found useful when studying grammar for the first time:
    Beginning Syntax by Linda Thomas ISBN 0-631-18826-6
    Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English by Biber, Conrad & Leech ISBN 0-582-23726-2
    There is an accompanying workbook if you need extra practice, but I didn't get round to using it:
    (Same Title but 'Workbook') ISBN 0-582-53942-0

    I think learning grammar from a book is rather hard, but the first one, which I stumbled across in a library years ago, definitely does not assume that you are already confident in grammatical description. The problem with grammars is that they have many different terms either meaning the same thing, or a term that is used in one grammar to mean one aspect, is used differently in another grammar to mean something else...like in one grammar the head noun is called 'head', but in another by a well known grammarian it is called a 'thing'...I'm waffling and shall stop.
  10. Hi everyone

    Which book from the recommended readling list are people buying for Maths subject knowledge?
  11. I had already bought 'Mathematics explained for primary teachers' by Haylock, but unfortunately I bought the lastest, 3rd edition (with CD-ROM included). I'll use that anyway.
  12. hey all

    How's everyone finding accommodation? everyone found somewhere to live?

    I am finding it not so easy however going up to London on Tuesday and Wednesday and hoping it will all fall into place?!!

    Any advise would be much appreciated.

  13. Hey sorry for not replying to some of your questions I've been on holiday!

    With regards to half terms, if you look on p.4 with the timetable, we had half terms in the middle of our placements so you took off the same week as the school. Please bear in mind though some people did have difficulities with one of the half terms(cant remember which one sorry) because Essex and London had different half terms, so if their children were in a London school but they were placed in an Essex school then they had different breaks.

    I saw some of you asking questions about the English audit, did you not get an example in your welcome pack? If you want to know the different sections covered then let me know and I'll hunt out the tests.
  14. Thanks for your reply about the half-term situation.

    The UEL is changing the format of the English audit this year, so there was no 'sample' as such. We have been advised of the areas of grammar etc that we should revise, and been given a booklist.
  15. Hi everyone,

    How are you all getting on with the work so far?

    I've started planning for the "teach someone a skill" exercise and have got some resources together for that; and have read through the articles for the assignment...but have had no time at all to actually get any work done! God help me when the course actually starts!! I go on holiday too next weds and i'm planning on taking revision books with me then.

    Feel like it's all coming around so quickly!!!!!

  16. I've workied through the Maths Audit and am half way through the Science Audit, which is really hard! [​IMG]
    I was just wondering whether anyone has registered yet?
  17. Hi! Well done for getting so far already!

    I have completed the 'functioning of organisms' apart from q. 3, which I don't really get.

    I've left 'continuity and change' as that looks the hardest and have jumped to 'earth and beyond' because that is much easier! I'm worried that I'm just concentrating on finding the answers, rather than improving my all-round subject knowledge. Never mind - I'll soon find out if I've approached it in the wrong way when we sit the audits for real.

    I haven't been able to enrol yet, but will call the uni again at the end of the week to see if they've updated my record. Have you enrolled online?
  18. hi guys, im so glad u guys were posting.

    i haev completed teh teach someone a skill task, halfway through the essay task and the maths audit. but i dont know if i am doing the essay correctly, could someone please run through how they have done this task please.

    i have also recieved a call from the uni, they asked me to give me degree certificate or transcript so that i can enrol. they sed we will recieve another pack i think.
    i will keep u guys posted (i hate this version of teh TES website). its really slow.
  19. by the way if any of you guys are going into university and want a study partner, please let me know i wouldnt mind supporting and helping some1 else as it would help me too :)

  20. hi everyone, my name is Jenny I was told yesterday that I have a place on the primary pgce at uel as I only had an interview 2 weeks ago! Just been reading your posts and thinking that I will have a lot to catch up on as I don't have a welcome pack or anything yet! what date does the course start? is it the 8th September? also i need to show them my transcript will I be expected to go to the uni before the course starts just to show them? and I need to get the school experience form signed as the schools were closed when I went for the interview, I'm not sure how long i have to do this? as the schools do not open again until next week!



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