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Anybody starting Primary PGCE at UEL in September???

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kelly9383, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    Just a quick question. I was wondering whether we need to have had all the vacinations on the health form done before we send it in or whether we just fill out as much of the form as we can?
  2. I made an appointment and had as many of the jabs as they would give me, then sent off the form.
    Hep B is more of a pain as it's 3 jabs over 6 months, but you don't have to have that one anyway.

    At this late stage I would just send the form back, then when you get your 'Fit to teach' letter it will recommend what you should have done.
  3. Thank you. I've been stressing so much!
  4. Has anyone yet received any written information from UEL (primary PGCE)? I really thought that we should have received it by now. Hopefully next week...
  5. Im waiting for info from UEL too :(

    Its taking a long time to get here. I might give them a call next week if i dont recieve the welcome pack by Thursday, if I do I will try to post a message informing you guys of the outcome of the call.
  6. Thanks. I think I may call them next week anyway.

    Also, I read on another thread that some universities expect their students to attend uni even during school half-terms. Can any current students tell me if that's the case with UEL too?
  7. Received my UEL pack this morning!

    Hope everyone else has their pack too.
  8. Just thought that I'd advise you all to order the publications mentioned in the pack as soon as possible (on p.4) - from


    I already had the last two so I don't know about availability of those, but for the others:
    1. SpeakListen-pack02 Out of stock, but downloadable
    2. Questioning Everyday Practice DVD-Rom Available
    3. Teaching, Speaking and Listening - Says it is available, but NOT downloadable, then when you try to order it will not allow it. Probably have to call to get a copy.

    Hope this helps everyone.
  9. Just called the helpline about the 'Teaching, Speaking and Listening' DVD and was informed that it has restrictions placed on it and that it cannot be sent to private addresses/account holders. Have to go without then!

    We may be able to get our placement primary schools to order a copy for us.
  10. thanks for that info, I have recieved my pack too. I guess I will be seeing you guys very soon. I have ordered most of the things tehy have asked for and it generally takes 2-4 working days to arrive (well tahts how long my packs took to come. so dont worry everything will just be fine.
  11. I just have to enrol now, I am an existing UEL user, I guess Im going to have to enrol this way :(
  12. has anyone enrolled yet?
  13. Hi all

    I just called up the administration team, and asked tehm what i need to do to enrol online, Nepa said that if you have a conditional offer tehn you have to submit details of your conditions, and show taht you have met your requirements. I am choosing to email mine to her (her email is in the pack. You can also post it.
  14. hi!!

    I have just nipped home on my lunch hour and I too...finally...have my welcome pack!!

    Can anybody just clarify as I have only skimmed through it quickly...do we need to complete the 1500 word assesment task prior to the 8th September to be submitted on that day? x
  15. with regards to the task it says

    N.B You should keep this writing safe as you will need to submit it at the start of the programme.

  16. So I would assume that we would have to write it before 8th September, as we are going to have the audits to do in the induction week.

  17. I thought so, but just wanted to confirm, as I remembered Morely4 saying aomething about submitting an assignment for the masters at the end of Sept. Just wanted to check that everybody had understood it as "to be ready for submission on the 8th".

    All seems very real now!!! x
  18. Just wondered how the half-term holidays work at UEL - are we expected to be in uni does anyone know?

    Also, what does everyone think about the pre-course audits?
  19. I think the questions in the audits are quite challenging, they are asking things that i havent looked at for almost 5 years. so i better start number crunching lol. unfortunately i dont know what the half term holz are going to be like, however as a undergrad as far as i can rember the holz were a bit messed up and didnt fit with our timetables but im guessing we may have time off or may have lectures. Im not too sure.

    Im finding it really hard to read the articles after having 1 and a 1/2 months off my brain is feeling rather lazy.

    I have looked at the maths audit, maybe we can all help each other practice working on the probs??
  20. I do think the audits are hard, but then that's probably because I'm not from a science background and don't apply that kind of maths in my everyday life!

    I've browsed through the articles, but don't intend to do the essay until I've completed the audits/task/C.V. Depending on time, that will make up my mind as to whether I'll do the longer masters version or not!

    I think it's a good idea to help each other on here, and if anyone can recommend books that really are useful with these audits then please share :)

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