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Anybody starting Primary PGCE at UEL in September???

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kelly9383, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Thanks Morley4, that was really helpful!

    I was told at my interview that the tutors/schools were very impressed with their current students this year, so it sounds as though you have all done well!

    It's nice to hear some positive comments.

    What area were your school placements in, and when do you find out about these?
  2. UEL has links with a lot of boroughs so here's a list of them: Barking and Dagenham, Essex, Havering, Newham, Redbridge, Thurrock, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.
    I'll be honest finding out where you are going to be placed is the one thing I would moan about for UEL. There are a lot of students on the primary PGCE and it takes a lot of organisation for them (they try to be fair with communting times and age phases etc. I have never travelled more than 30mins in the car, but I know some people have travelled an hr by train) consequently this means you find out where your placed quite late on. For all three teaching practices we found out the Tuesday or Wednesday before the practice started on the Monday. This obviously meant that you had no time to visit the school before starting, but the first week of teaching practice is about finding your feet in that school so I wouldn't worry about that.
  3. Hi Morely4,

    thanks for your post, that info is really helpful!

    Well done on completing your course also!

    Will stop stressing out about the welsome pack now too. Suppose everything will come together soon enough.

    Have you applied for any jobs as yet? x
  4. Yea, you start applying just after christmas. They have NQT pools for each of the boroughs and you need to get on their lists as soon as possible. There is a recruitment fair at uni and they give you the application forms then. For some of the pools you have to have an interview to get on to a 'recommended list' and then schools contact you through there (not all of the pools have interviews though, I know Essex don't)

    I managed to get my job through the NQT pool I didnt apply to the school they got my details from that and invited me for an interview in March.
    I know a lot of people on the course have got jobs through the pools or they have been offered jobs in their placement school.
  5. I'm also starting the Pgce in UEL in September. Is anyone else feeling really nervous??? I'm excited about finally training as a teacher but very nervous at the same time!
  6. I'm sure everyone will be a little nervous at first - we are human afterall!

    I intend to read as many maths, English & science books as I can so that I don't feel out of my depth in September!

    Does anyone know if UEL give any bursary help for books etc for primary PGCE?
  7. Thanks for the information Morley4.

    Did you have to do much pre course preparation, and if so what did you have to do? I'm gonig away end of the month so fear I won't have time to prepare once the pre course packs arrive.

    Also, what was your weekly timetable like?

  8. I have just read another thread regarding timetables at Warwick uni and was just about to ask morley4 the same question!!

    Also, did you opt to do the masters aspect of the course or is that something new to this year?

    Also, has anyone else given this any consideration? I would like to do it but I'm fearing the PGCE workload alone!! x
  9. UEL did kind of give a bursary for books. We got given a progress card at the beginning of the year with £500 on it. This could either be spent in the bookstore and I believe on oyster cards. However, in the the first term you could only spend £100 of it and then after xmas you were allowed to spend the other £400 providing you had passed the first term.

    I'll be honest I didnt do much pre preparation for the course. I just revised my subject knowledge for the audits when I had received the welcome pack- I feel this is essential because it is really quite stressful when your on your last attempt at passing. Its better to try and get it out the way.

    The wkly timetable varied each week. They did lessons 9-11, 11.30-1.30 and 2-4. I found that the timetable was a lot more intense before xmas (we didnt have a single day off and often had 9-11 and then had to wait for a 2-4) but after xmas it became a lot quieter especially between the 2nd and 3rd placement- But please bear in mind that there were seven groups of trainees and every groups timetable was different so I can only speak for my group.

    I did do the masters. We had to submit an optional essay around october time(if you wanted to do the masters route) and then if you got over 50% you were asked if you still wanted to do it. I found the masters great there were only about 20ish of us doing it so the groups were relatively small and we got some great discussions going. Also the masters leader is fantastic, gives you lots of support they don't want you to fail. I personally found the workload very managable as the two essays were completed instead of two normal PGCE essays. Instead of writing 750words for maths or english, the masters wrote 4500words and instead of writing 3000 for a reflective piece based on teaching practice the masters wrote 4500words. The essays were due when you werent on placement so you did have time to complete them. Like I said before you do get a lot of support you get a marking criteria so you can try and assess your self before handing it and also they do provide you with a lot of readings to help you with your essay. I would definitely recommend it but at the end of the day only you can make the decision.
  10. Thanks for this Morley4.

    I'm so sorry for asking so many questions but you've been a great help.

    Did you do Primary or Secondary?
    What key stage level are the subject audits? I'm doing Primary so do you think I should study KS3 or GCSE (or KS1&2 - which I'd much prefer lol)

  11. I agree. Morley4 you have been a massive help...Thanks!! x
  12. It's no problem, I remember what it was like this time last year not knowing what to expect so just gald to be of some help.

    I did primary and I think that the subject audits are based at GCSE level so I would revise at that level. You will know more when you get the welcome pack. Each audit is broken down into sections and the questions are the same for the maths audit and very very similiar for the english audit. So if you revise based on those topics you will be fine.
  13. Thanks again...you're a star!!

    Was wondering if you could give us an idea of key books to purchase? Have bought a few already but keep coming across others posted on here and am concerned that my book spending my go out of control!!

    Also, could you give us an idea of what your timetable was like - on a daily basis and over the year as a whole i.e when placements where and holidays etc?

    And finally...I have my cousins wedding on 26th september. Its a friday and course starts on the 8th. I wouldnt usually even consider taking time off but its been booked for a couple of years, long before I even applied. Have not informed UEL of this yet, but who would you advise that i speak to?

    Kelly x
  14. I just looked through my welcome pack and I can give you a heads up on what they told us to order from the DfES website. They can sometimes take a while to come through so if you can order them now it might help.
    They are:
    The primary framework from teaching Literacy and Mathematics
    Excellence and Enjoyment- Learning and Teaching in the primary years CD rom.
    Improving speaking and listening skills: A practical guide for skills for life teachers.
    Teaching speaking and listening in English DVD.

    They also sent us a reading list most of which I brought but did not really use (you can get some of the books in the library but they dont have that many copies) The ones I found useful were:
    Teaching English 3-11.
    Primary English, Knowledge and Understanding.
    Cooke (2004) Primary Mathematics
    Harlen (2004) The teaching of science in primary schools.
    These all help to develop subject knowledge.
    Eats, shoots and leaves is a good one for developing knowledge of punctuation.
    Then another one they recommend you buy is Professional Studies: primary phase. This a 2003 version so they might have a more recent version now as the standards for achieving QTS have changed since its release.
    Any of Bill Rogers books on classroom/ behaviour management.
    Other than these books I wish I had not brought so many of the others on the list because if you do really need them for an essay or something you can get them from the library. It is more practical to buy books which give you teaching ideas for your placements and you can use them throughout your career e.g. Fizz Buzz which contains loads of mental and oral starters for maths.

    Looking at my diary from the last year I can give you a rough idea of what my timetable was like.

    3rd September- welcome wk timetable is sent out in welcome pack (think that you are starting later than we did)
    10/09-19/10- Lectures (5wks- 1 day off during that time- sometimes got to finish at 1.30)
    Half term (1wk- this yr the dates are 27th-31st Oct for half term)
    29/10-23/11- Placement (4wks)
    26/11- 21/12- Lectures (4wks-no days off)
    7/01- 25/01- Lectures (3wks)
    28/01- 21/03 - Placement (7wks but half term in the middle so kind of like 8wks)
    25/03- 4/04- Lectures (2wks)
    7/04- 18/04- Easter Break (2wks)
    21/04-16/05- Lectures (4wks- timetable more relaxed had between 1-3days off a wk)
    19/05- 11/07- Placement (7wks but half term in the middle so kind of like 8wks)
    Like I said before this was mt timetable but it may have been different for other groups on the course.

    I wouldnt worry too much about taking 1 day off they are strict about attendance but only really when you miss alot, 1 day is acceptable especially for something out of your control. When you start UEL you will be told about who you need to email if you are not going to be in for the day (For us it was someone called Hazel but this may have changed).

    Sorry for the really long post just trying to include everything.
  15. haha! Don't apologise...that's really, really helpful!! thanks!!

    I am going to try to find sometime to at least clue up on english, maths and science basics. Just feel like the time is going so fast!!!

    What date do you start your job? x
  16. Hi, this is a great site, you guys have done brilliant and have answered a lot of questions. I wasn't nervous before but I definately am getting nervous now. Anyway Morley Im glad you posted a message about doing your Masters alongside the PGCE, that is great. I want to do that as well. I understand that the workload increases but Im looking forward to the PGCE and Masters. I just wanted to know a little bit more info about that.

    1) When you do the masters how many modules do you complete during the PGCE? I think its three but Im not sure

    2) How many extra classes do you have that count towards your masters?

    Im just a bit scared to do my Masters and PGCE together because every1 says that the PGCE is tough. What advice can you give me on that??

    And do you get to complete your Masters straight away or do you have to wait? And when you do the Masters do you have to apply for it separately because I have just applied for the PGCE but havent applied for a Masters yet??

    Thank you in advance for answering my questions. Im greatful that you guys have taken the initiative to do this. Well done!!
  17. Thanks for putting up the timetable Morley4! It's great to have some idea of what I'm letting myself in for:)
  18. We were offered the opportunity to complete two modules, both worth 30 credits, so in total you have 60 credits and are a third of the way there (MA is 180 credits). The Master?s modules started in December so there was time to settle in before hand. There were 9 seminars (2hrs each) for one of the modules and 5 seminars (2hrs each) for the other module, so the increase on the timetable was really insignificant. Plus one of the modules was instead one of the normal PGCE modules so it meant that it was only an extra 10 hours. For some people included myself the MA could sometimes clash with another lecture so you would have to make that up with another group at a separate time but this only happened a couple of times.

    I?ve posted previously about the increase in workload and I would definitely say it was manageable. I know quite a few people were put off the MA because they thought it would mean a lot more work but I didn?t find it to be much more and if your organised you won?t have a problem with it. Plus you get loads and loads of support; the MA leader Paula is great!

    You don?t have to apply for the MA separately. Around the end of September they put up a notice about a masters lecture available to attend if you were interested in taking the masters route, you were not obliged at this point to do it. You were then told about the optional essay (1500words) which needed to be submitted if you were interested. This was then marked and returned to you with a form to fill in requesting to moved on to the MA route providing you had achieved over 50% and the lecturers felt you were able. After this process had been completed, you were told if you were on the MA route and you attended the MA seminars on the timetable.
    We were the first year to do this route in this way and I know they were planning on making some changes for next yr so please bear this in mind.

    You can complete your masters straight away after the PGCE course that is your choice; you can complete it full time or do one module at a time part time. I have personally decided to get a job and complete the induction year before finishing the masters because I?ve heard that it can get harder to get a job the longer you have been qualified. I?ve spoken to my local university (this is not UEL) and have been told I can transfer my credits over to them to complete it within the next 5yrs. I plan to do one module at a time part time so that I can continue to work alongside it but this is due to my financial situation. Hope this helps you with your decision.
  19. Hi Morley

    That was really helpful. This is really good infromation. Thank you.
  20. I have got an interview on wed 23rd of July for secondary science GTP course. Currently I am working on my subject knowledge. I want to know more about the interview questions and literacy task. Any help will be appriciated.

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