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Anybody starting Primary PGCE at UEL in September???

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kelly9383, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I have just blatantly pinched someone elses idea but I agree that it would be nice to get to know some people before the course starts!!

    I am starting at UEL on September 8th and I'm moving to London from Liverpool!!

    Would be lovely to hear from anyone!!! x
  2. Hi,

    I have just blatantly pinched someone elses idea but I agree that it would be nice to get to know some people before the course starts!!

    I am starting at UEL on September 8th and I'm moving to London from Liverpool!!

    Would be lovely to hear from anyone!!! x
  3. Hi.

    I have a place for September at UEL too.

    I haven't heard much from them, since completing the health questionnaire/CRB. Have you had any further correspondence?

    I've just bought Haylock's maths for primary teachers to get me started. What are you doing in way of preparation? I'd like to get some history & geography books so I at least know something of the basics in these subjects, but I don't know where to start!
  4. hiiiiiii!!!!

    Thanks for replying! I havent heard much from them at all!! Seems you have to be quite pro active with this stuff!!

    I called them to find out start date (8th sept) and they advised that they will be sending welcome packs out this month.

    I have had crb and health forms back. Also, got loan application back on sat.

    I have not done anything in preparation at all!!!!

    Only thought to look for books today!! Feel so disorganised!!

    I am working right up until 5th sept and then only moving down on 7th.

    Have you asked to do upper or lower primary?

    Are you on facebook? if so add me, my name is kelly mooney, and there is also a girl on there in my friends, andrea silvain who is starting with us in sept too!! x
  5. Not moving down til 7th?! Wow. I hope it all goes to plan for you.

    I'm looking forward to receiving the welcome pack - I wonder what it'll contain? Maths tests probably!

    On my original application I ticked for lower primary. However, when I was offered a place it just said 'conditional' (and I was too scared to phone and ask what the conditions were, in case it was to get a first or something!). I'm hoping it will be lower primary training, but I like all the age ranges so I don't mind really. I recently helped with a group of teenagers and they were ok too! Which age range have they given you (if you know yet)?

    If you don't mind, I won't join Facebook as I prefer to remain anonymous. Just in case I have to come on here crying or moaning in September!!! Would love to stay in touch on here though. You might want to get a new username in September too, now that you have revealed yourself! x
  6. yeah thats fine!

    I will apologise to Andrea for giving out her name too!! ooops!

    I also requested lower primary, but haven't had any kind of confirmation as yet.

    Are you local to the area? x
  7. Relatively local - I haven't got to move. I don't know how people manage it.

    Where will you be staying? Have you got a flat share? It's going to be such an expensive year,but more so for you if you're renting.

    Have you come straight from uni, or are you a mature student? How did you find the interview in February?
  8. I am going to be renting a room from a friend who lives down there.

    I am 25, so been graduated a few years. And yourself?

    I didn't feel that the interview was half as bad as I had anticipated!!I had prepared and stressed out more than was necessary.

    I had mine on 27th Jan. How did yours go? x
  9. I've just finished at UEL. Course information can be sketchy at best! There is a thing called a wiki which they are big on (I'm secondary so not sure if it's the same though!) The wiki website and UEL+ (the uni website) were the main sources of info. Had a great time at UEL. Good luck!
  10. thanks for that!! How did you find your course and have you applied for any jobs as yet? x
  11. I'm a 'mature' student too!

    My interview was fine - as you say, the thought of it was much worse than the reality. I can't remember who interviewed me, but she was lovely anyway, so I look forward to working with her and in that lovely new education building (hopefully!).

    Sez26 - you trained for secondary didn't you? We're doing primary, but what sort of thing goes on in the first week? Is that when you're told where your school placements will be etc etc?
  12. I'm going to UEL as well (well I've had telephone confirmation telling me I have a place but waiting for GTTR and letter to be updated / sent out.

    Has anyone received a reading list / info on how to prepare for the course?

    Thanks and see you in September!!
  13. hiya!! Well done on getting a place!!

    I haven't heard a thing from UEL at all. Been looking at books and stuff myself but not received a reading list or anything. I have contacted them on a few occasions and they advised that they would be sending a welcome pack ouy...not got one yet though!!

    Are you a mature student also? Are you local? x
  14. Well it depends what you mean by the term "mature". I graduated from university two years ago and I'm 23 does that make me mature?

    I live nearby so thankfully don't have to relocate. As far as I know welcome packs will be sent out in the next 1/2 weeks.
  15. I'm not sure to be honest?! I think you may well come into the "mature sudent" brackett even at that age! I have no idea!

    Are you doing upper or lower primary?

    Have you been in touch with UEL?

    What sort of preparation have you been doing (if any!), I'm getting really stressed out already!!! x
  16. Hi.

    I've also just got verbal confirmation over the phone, but have not yet had anything sent out to me.

    I'm trying not to stress too much beforehand, so have done no preparation! as we are likely to be very stressed next year anyway!
  17. kelly9383 I haven't really started preparing yet as I don't know where to start. What preparation are you doing / have you done so far?

    Welcome packs are going to be sent out to us in the next few weeks but I am gonig on holiday at the end of the month so will not get a chance to do anything before the course.

    I'm worried!
  18. Hi again!

    Well done to you simply_zee on getting a place also!

    To you both...I have done NO preparation at all!! I received some books this morning that I have purchased from another user on this site. Have the best intentions to try and have a look through them before September, but with holidays and move etc. I feel it is wishful thinking!! In any case, most people that I have spoken to who have complted the course, have advised to make the most out of the summer as the hard work begins once we start!! xx
  19. I've just had a peep at the IOE PGCE welcome pack online:
    I think it's useful for us to look at until UEL send out their packs - they give recommendations of certain books needed for the course, and I'm sure the UEL booklist will be something similar. Perhaps best not to purchase yet though! I'm going to see if I can track them down at the library so I can make a start. x
  20. Hi,

    I've just finished the primary PGCE at UEL and thought I'd let you know what was in the welcome pack last september. It included a welcome letter (telling you info about getting your ID card etc) Reading lists; An example of the subject knowledge audits for english, maths and science. You have 3 go's at passing these, we sat the same test for maths as the one in the welcome pack so revise based on those questions and you should pass that one first time. Then there was a section on being a trainee teacher plus two readings. If I remember correctly I got the welcome pack in August.

    I had a great time at UEL. I found all of the tutors to be supportive and the paperwork was manageable if you kept on top of it.

    If you have any questions I can try and answer them if not best of luck and enjoy it x

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