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Anybody starting at Southampton Uni for Primary PGCE in sept 2011?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MissRstevens, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    I met some wondeful applicants on the interview day and I was wondering if anybody else on here is going to S'oton in september? Would be lovely to share any worries/concerns/tips or ideas before we start!

  2. Hi, I'm starting in September too! Really excited but a bit nervous too as everyone says what a hard year it is. Could we email each other? My email is marian@snelmes.plus.com

  3. I'm starting in September too and can't wait!! My email is Amee.plumb@live.co.uk if you wanted to chat!
  4. Hello!!

    I am also starting the Primary PGCE in September! It's really nice to get in contact with people before starting. I am already starting to panic about the workload!! Have you got your Introductory Placement sorted? I'm finding it really hard. My email is amy.trenchard@hotmail.co.uk feel free to get in touch.

    Amy x
  5. Hello, I am also starting the PGCE Primary course 2011. My email is claire_cavill@hotmail.co.uk if anyone wants to get in touch. How has everyone getting on with sorting out their introductory placement. I have got mine sorted now, but sent a lot of letters out to do so. Has everyone started buying the books from the reading list, its quite a lone list!!

    Claire xx
  6. Hello,
    I too am starting the pgce in September. I haven't sorted out my introductory placement yet, although I haven't sent off that many emails just yet. Am going to make that my project for the week. Mostly I am worried about accommodation, I need to find some flatmates, preferably postgrads as the year is going to be so busy. I am worried about the work load but loads of people do it so it must be possible! My email is angharad_p@btinternet.com if anyone fancies getting in touch. Would be lovely to get to know people before we arrive. xx
  7. Hi, I finish the Soton Primary PGCE 2010/11 tomorrow! It's so good to get to the end of the course! We've been doing our evaluations etc this week - if anyone has any questions feel free to email - jimmyward102@yahoo. com, I know it might be helpful to talk to someone who has just come out the other side!

    Most useful thing I can say at this point is don't buy the books! If they sent you the same list we did it's a waste of money - one of our feedback points was that loads of people bought a lot of books on that list which they didn't use. Get the Eyres one on English and Haylock's for maths and leave it at that - at least for now. You can always get more later if you need them.

    Anyway, just saw this topic and thought I'd post - let me know on here or email if you have any questions!
  8. Hi Guys! Im starting Southampton University in September and I am not going to know anyone!Ive not even had a proper look round the University yet!Does anyone live near by to Southampton?I keep being told how hard it is I am really nervous!! If anyone wants to email or facebook then would be nice to talk before we start!xx
  9. Hey,

    Starting the PGCE course in Sept, would be great to meet some people before starting.
    give me a shout, my email address is david.penman@myport.ac.uk
  10. hey everyone, am starting soton pgce this sept and have just graduated at soton uni so if anyone has any questions/wants to chat before we start, would be good to know some faces on the first day!!! email is mary.syer@hotmail.co.uk or add on fb! x
  11. Hello all,very excited to have just found this discussion. I will be doing the primary pgce this year too. I look forward to meeting you all in a couple of weeks. Sian
  12. Hi there,
    I have an interview for this course soon, and I have to prepare a presentation on a current educational issue. I was wondering if anyone who was successful in their application had any advice on topics? I don't have much clue at the moment :(

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