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Anybody know about setting up Fronter websites?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pocoyo, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. I am in the middle of setting up my fronter page for my class. In the entrance there is a title which you have to click on to get into my class page. However, when you click on the title it just brings you back to the same page (the entrance). I have no idea how to get my page back and how to link the title to it.
    If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful.
  2. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    We use fronter - this is what we do to create and link pages (hopefully it will help solve your problem - probably step 6 onwards!)
    1. Go to your class frontpage and click resources on the left hand side, this will take you to where all your fronter resources are stored including any pages you've created.
    2. To make a new page click create - top right, put in the title, choose 'page button' from list and then save.
    3. Choose template for your page or choose a blank page and insert your own boxes.
    4. Then create the page as you did for your class frontpage, adding images, text, links etc
    5. Once you've finished the page put a link in from your frontpage. So go to your frontpage and select edit - top left
    6. Choose which part of the frontpage you want the children to click to take them to the new page you've created e.g. if your new page is about Vikings you might have a box on your frontpage with a picture of a Viking and the heading Viking. You need to highlight the word Viking and the click the internal link button - it looks like a piece of paper with a chain on the bottom.
    7. Choose resources from the new window that pops up and find the page you want to link to - select it and press save
    8. It should go back to the Viking text box and the writing will have turned blue and will be underlined. Press save to complete the link.
    9. Now when you click the word Viking on your frontpage it should take you to the new page you craeted on Vikings!!
    10. Click close to exit edit mode and try it out.
    Hope that all makes sense!!! I can scan in and e-mail you the instructions with diagrams that our technician gave me if that would help but I won't be able to do it until Tuesday.
  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarg - HATE Fronter!!!!!!
    You pay them loads of money and then you have to do all the work to make something which is no better than a Google search.
  4. Moodle is free and easy.

    And I will help!!!

    and if anyone wants to see a good example of a moodle/VLE/ learning platform, email me .... gertieatgrumblesdotmedotuk

    change all the dots to . and the at to @ !!!!

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