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Anybody else starting on PGCE at MMU Crewe this Sept 2012?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by TeacherJenny327, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I've been offered a place on the PGCE Geography for this September 2012. I was wonderng if there is anyone else out there also doing the same course or just a PGCE starting in September? I am 28 and was wondering if there are any other older students aswell?
    Look forward to hearing from you/meeting you!
  2. Hiya! I've been accepted on the Primary PGCE. I'm 26 so have been out of uni for a while and have seen a bit of the real world. Are you local to Crewe? I can't wait to get started!!
  3. Hi,

    I have also been offered a place on the PGCE at MMU crewe for Business with ICT, starting in Sept.

    Im 27 so similar age to you Jenny, Im really looking forward to starting!

  4. <font size="2">Hi Jenny</font><font size="2">Im 26 and I will be starting in September doing a PGCE in Business with ICT, in my group for the interviews every body was around 23 - 26 so I think there will be a few older students in the class&rsquo;s if they all got in :)</font><font size="2">Ryan</font>
  5. Hello, Well I'm older than all of you, as a mature student and a mum of two little ones, I have a place on Pgce early years at Crewe and can't wait to start!! Would be nice to know of others in the same position or doing the same course...whatever their age. x
  6. Hi, I've just applied for the Geography PGCE at Crewe. How long did it take for the application to be processed? I'm very impatient but I only sent the application off on Monday but I believe there were still places then.
  7. Hello,
    I'm starting the Business & ICT PGCE in Sept aswell.
    Really clueless about everything though e.g. accomadation, placements etc.
    Anyone know where the best place is to live....coming over from Ireland so on my own trying to get set up.
    Any idea on when we do our 5 day placement in a primary school?
    Any help would be really appreciated,
  8. It would probably be best to live near your first placement. Do you know where that is yet?
  9. Hi
    Im starting crewe early years pgce too, and I have three children. Its going to be tough! but worth it :)
  10. I have no idea where my first placement is unfortunately...
    Does anybody recommend living in halls or would it be better to rent private accomadation?

  11. I've got 3 kids and I'm a single parent. I'm quite worried but I suppose at least I don't have a husband to look after ;)

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