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Anybody else on a reserve list? Advice needed (UWIC)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Catbean, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. I've just found out that I haven't got a place for primary PGCE at UWIC but they have asked if I want to be on the reserve list.
    This puts everything in limbo for me such as applying for loans/saving and my current job in a school-if they keep me on in September and I do get on the course I couldn't just leave or would it be worth the risk of not having a job at all?
    Is anybody else on reserve and having the same problems or does anybody know how likely it is that UWIC will have to go through their reserve list and are there rankings?
  2. I too am on a reserve list for a PGCE secondary Religious Studies at Newman.I only found out this Monday (9th May). I've emailed the admissions department to see if I can find out how far up the list I am and have returned all the paperwork (on the hope that I will get a place). I'm on a months notice in my role at work so I should hopefully be able to give notice in time (all being well!) It's just the unknown; will you won't you get a place which I'm finding hard. Let alone planning and organising to start before hand! But I'm sure it will all fall into place; I'm very grateful to be on the reserve list! I'm going to be talking to my boss soon to pre-warn them that I could be leaving; although they know I've been for PGCE interviews I'm not looking forward to the 'I might be leaving but I might be not conversation.'
    Good luck :)
  3. Hi Catbean
    Don't give up hope. My advice is this:
    1) Stay on the reserve list. You have nothing to lose but make sure you keep your GTTR application open . If you close it, they wont' be able to come back to you.
    2) Check to see whether there are any other providers in your area with space. Even if they show up as full on GTTR, ring them up. They may have had candidates drop out. I was on the waiting list for Wolverhampton Secondary English and had a call last week (my interview's tomorrow!). We lost our bursary, so I'm guessing that's why places have opened up.
    3) Find out why you are on the reserve list - don't do this by email. Ring them! Also, find out how far up the list you are. If you are only one or two places from the top, badger them - tell them just how keen you are. I was very desperate (and still am) to become a teacher, so I sent my course tutor a long email, expressing my desire to teach and what getting a place would really mean to me. Something must have worked, because I got the phone call.
    Above all, DONT' GIVE UP! When I didn't get offered a place at Wolverhamption initially, my application bumped on to Newman, then they filled up. As there were no other providers left, I made the mistake of closing my application. Then, one day, I happened to log on, to find Newman had vacancies again, so had to hastily restore my application again. Now, I have offers of interviews from both institutions, where once, there was no hope.
    Most importantly - applications for student finance close at the end of the month. The advice on the website says to put your application in, even if you haven't been offered a place as yet. At this late stage, most providers will want to know you have the finance in place, so you must do this now. Providers are understandably fairly tetchy at the moment, as they are losing candidates due to the lack of bursary, so any replacement candidates they find, they will want to ensure they can foot the bill of studying.
    Keep me posted.
    PS Do not worry about what your school might think. They will understand your desire to teach and hopefully (if they are a good school) give you lots of support and encouragement. Have a chat to your line manager and tell them the position you are in. Above all, keep them fully appraised - it will help them to plan if you have disappear suddenly!

  4. I am on the reserve list at Middlesex, and finding the uncertain future really stressful (particularly because I still have my fourth choice Oxford Brookes to go, which will be a big move for me).

    A friend of mine who is doing a primary PGCE this year, said a few of the people on her course got called up around the end of June/July and offered a spot, so I would say wait it out. I think a lot of people will drop out because of the bursaries, and I guess also, some people who need to meet certain conditions may not get in as well...

    I sort of feel bad for hoping someone drops out, but I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

    Good luck!
  5. Wow, thanks for this advice eannie, I hadn't even thought about it and would be screwed without student loan!
  6. Hi Kennedy84
    You're welcome. I did my application on-line. It will ask you to put the name of your institution in there. Obviously, with no firm place, you will need to put in a best guess (which is what I did). So, for example, if you're on the waiting list for Oxford, put Oxford down. It will also ask you for the start date. I didn't know mine, so just put 1st September. I think the idea is to get the finance in place. Student Loans can always change the training provider name at the last minute, but processing new applications is quite lengthy because of credit checks on you and your sponsor and all the other stuff you have to send them.
    When you apply, make sure your sponsor has all their relevant information like P60s etc. Mine was easy because my sponsor is my husband, so we had all the information to hand, but you will need to allow an hour and a half to complete the forms.
    Do check on the Student Loan website and call them if you need to - just to check the information I've given you is correct, as believe me, I'm no expert! Also check with your institution - they may have grants or bursaries available.
    The best of luck with your application. My interview's first thing in the morning!
    Kind regards

    PS - one final tip on your loan application....it gives you the option to use household income as a marker for the amount of money awarded to you. If I were you, I'd ask it to take income into account. I didn't at first, but when I ticked it and tried again, it gave me an extra £1,500 !!!!!
  7. Hi Catbean,
    Just to let you know, I was on a reserve list for the IOE primary PGCE as I didn't realise that the date your application was submitted impacted the chance you had of being offered a place, I had assumed that all applications received before the deadline would be assessed fairly, but apparently not..they look at them and offer out interviews/places as they come in!. But I was in the same situation, and got a call on Wednesday to say someone had dropped out and that I was being offered a place...so don't give up hope!
    I think basically what happened was that the GTP places were offered on Wednesday and some people had applied for the PGCE as a back up, so have now dropped out of the PGCE...I hope the same happens for you and you get your place!
    Good luck :)
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone :).
    I told the teacher I work for and her advice was to make the people at UWIC my best friends so off I went to get some answers...
    I rang up and they were quite helpful. There are about 6/8 people on the list (they wont tell me where I am with regards to ranking which isn't great though) and from the last 2 years everyone on the reserve list has been offered a place.
    As you said clarebear I applied right on the deadline and was interviewed late so I was told that if I had applied earlier maybe I would've been offered a place. Hearing that was quite a confidence boost so I'm just going to wait it out, be honest with my headteacher and hope for the best.
    Good luck to everyone on reserve lists
  9. Do you think it's really cheeky to ask how many people are on the reserve list? It would be quite useful to know, but I don't want to be a pest!
  10. I asked about my reserve list so I don't think the admissions staff will think you're cheeky. They'll be used to the question I'd expect. I found out that they don't rank the list at Newman anyway but I was near the top of the the list; so well worth a call.

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