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Anybody been to see the Chris O'Dowd film of the theatre production "Of Mice and Men" in cinemas

Discussion in 'English' started by HelenREMfan, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. HelenREMfan

    HelenREMfan Star commenter

    Well..... despite thinking that O'Dowd did pretty well.... I was rather disappointed. Was also concerned at the director's rewritings of Steinbeck's work, especially in relation to the character of Curly's wife.
    Any English specialists see it and have opinion?
  2. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    I enjoyed it. Thought first half was pretty faithful, but yes, the director seemed to have an agenda when it came to Curley's wife.
  3. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    What has he done to Curley's Wife?
  4. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    Not a lot, but from the outset she is saying how lonely she is, needs to talk to someone and so on. She's a more sympathetic character.
  5. cupcake1788

    cupcake1788 New commenter

    I went to see it and I enjoyed the majority of the adaptation. I was not impressed with the portrayal of Crooks as I thought that the stage version did not do the character justice. I think the racial issues that Steinbeck presented in the novella were glossed over in the stage version. Curley's Wife was definitely more of a focus in the stage version.
    We took a number of students and quite a few of them said that they preferred the novella version.
    I still cried at the ending!

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