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Anybody any experience with the Edge Hill Primary PGCE interview day??

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by lara1809, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hiya

    Sorry I have no experience of Edge Hill but I am a PGCE student on the course already at a different uni.

    My advice would be to:
    • Buy a few Key Stage 3 revision books for your English and Maths tests. They are only about a £4 or £5 quid but will prepare you up to level 6 at least.
    • For my English 'test' I just had to complete a paraphrase activity - look at a piece of writing and put the key points in my own words. Others I have heard about include comprehension activities. I assume their aim is to check you have a good grasp of the English language and can write fluently etc. I am not sure what they are asking for but it may be something like this.
    • Buy a copy of the Times Ed Supplement which comes out each Friday. Not sure how much it costs as I have a subscription but it is useful for brushing up on topical teaching issues. Rose review and the new curriculum is very topical as is personalised learning.They will be looking to check you are passionate enough about the profession to actually go out and find the basics but won't expect you to know it inside out.
    If you are really concerned, maybe get in touch with them and see if they will release anymore details.

    Best of luck with the day x

  2. Hi there Lara
    Thank you for your reply - very much appreciated.

    I have got myself a couple of the revision books, and working my way through them. Simultaneous equations - jeez, that takes me back!!
    Also going through recent copies of the TES as well, and using Teachers TV, which is great for 15 minute overviews of various topics.
    Just trying to get as prepared as possible.
    Any other tips or suggestions anybody else may have, greatly appreciated.


  3. leah1818

    leah1818 New commenter


    I think we have our interview on the same day, is yours the 10th feb?
    Im more worried about my science than my maths.
    Im reading up on the new curriculum, rose report etc
    im looking through lesson plans to
    I have also been buying the TES although I guess you can just look at it online but I prefer to have it there in paper to go through.
    I cant wait for it now.
  4. Hi Leah
    Sent you a message

  5. Hi
    Can you help me? I've got my interview with Edge hill in March can you tell me how your day was?
    Any hints or tips would be much appreciated.
    My main worry is the educational issue as I don't know what they are going to ask?
    Any help would be great
    Thank you

  6. ampash

    ampash New commenter

    I have coming up too! Very nervous and wouldn't know where to start!
    Thank you for all your tips, did you get on?!

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