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Any tips to increase my IWB use?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Brenden, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. mindthegap

    mindthegap New commenter

    one of my favourite smart board tricks is camera tool... it can capture any image from the internet eg famous works of art, photos to support topic and you can then use them for a visual stimulus within a lesson, and annotate the pic with children's responses to your questions.

    also love to use it for scanning in children's work so you can comment on success criteria/ celebrate achievement.

    the first ever activity we were asked to do after training was to plan a topic related oral starter activity, just to force us to use the board. you start with a blank screen then draw a large circle in the centre. around the edge, type in key topic words eg water, seeds, soil, light, roots, leaves, stem -if it was a flowering plants topic. type each word in a separate text box, so they are then 'draggable' separately. arrange each of the words around the circle. ask children to take turns to come up to the board and select 2 words to drag into the circle eg water seeds. the child the has to think of a sentence including both of their words eg ' seeds need water to make them grow'. this is a handy revision activity and good for assessing prior knowledge at the start of topic, esp if you ask the children to give YOU the key words.
  2. Some great maths resources here. Some you have to subscribe for, but lots of free stuff.
    Also - try using the video recorder feature on the WB to record what you're doing on the board. E.g. construcing a sentence or doing a calculation. You/the pupils can go back and replay it later ro use as a reminder.
    Here's a link to free Smart Notebook training videos.

  3. porker

    porker New commenter

    If you don't want to fork out hard earned cash you could look here instead:
    Just scroll down and click on the whiteboard button.
  4. As you can tell my IT skills are lacking at this time in the evening! I went to rate this post as a 5 star as I have found it very helpful (especially the ideas to inspire site). However I have managed to only give it 1 star :-( sorry I can't work out how to add more stars to the rating.

    Perhaps it is now time to go to bed! ZZzzzz
  5. An easy way is basically google the maths topic and IWB game
    e.g. Number bonds IWB game or area IWB game

    It sometimes takes a bit of sifting, but there are loads of brilliant (free) games you can use for starters and plenaries.
    The other thing i do a lot is use the gallery items in the SMART software. There is a tab on the left of the screen... (hover the mouse over things and a little box will tell you what they are).
    There is a timer - remarkably motivating when the kids see the minutes ticking away till they need a task finished... or tidying up to be done.
    There are interactive dice... you just click drag them from the library and put them on the main note book page. Really good for generating random numbers in maths starters... e.g. drag 3 dice for making 3 digit numbers. Just click on them to "roll". Simple to do, but looks quite impressive as they are big and animated when rolling. My kids love them.


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