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Any tips...I'm moving to Year 6!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by miss_ellie, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    I've taught Year 5 for 2 years and will be moving to Year 6 in September. I'm definitely looking forward to the challenge but also feeling slightly apprehensive; does anyone have any top tips??
  2. Don't eat yellow snow. :)
  3. Keep up with the marking or you can really get snowed under.
    Keep your chin up - I always feel like I'm drowning in Terms 2 and 3 but Terms 5 and 6 are a bit easier paperwork and marking wise though there are other stresses - like the production!
    Get the SEN independent - they need to learn to work without your or the TA's help.
    Don't let senior management bully you into trying to perform miracles - if a child has made one sub level progress every year since they started school, they won't suddenly be able to make 5 sublevels in Year 6!
  4. Ladykaza

    Ladykaza Senior commenter

    Enjoy the company, I always find it amazing how much they mature in that year, but stand by for the summer term when muscles are flexed and they can definitely become too big for their boots!

    Try to get them all as independent as possible. I am quite strict about responsibilities and personal organisation. Secondary school is a whole new ball game and the more self reliant they are the better they'll cope.

    IMO the teaching is much the same as you would do in any other year, except from Feb - May when you'll be madly trying to fill gaps and revising the stuff they've forgotten, taking whistle stop tours of non - fiction genre - if it's Tuesday it must be discussion texts!
  5. Yes, that's something I am worried about. And yellow snow, of course...
  6. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    • Make all of them as independent as possible as soon as possible
    • Be prepared to be expected to work miracles
    • Ask for help!
    • Train the children in self/peer assessment and how to do it correctly! This will save you a LOT of time marking
    • Have a large supply of chocolate/alcohol/both ready for SATs week
    • Be prepared for them to develop attitude and to try it out on you. My lot have soon found it doesn't work!
    • Start preparing for leavers assembly ASAP! July arrives before you realise!
    • Enjoy it, year 6 is a brilliant year group to have.
  7. Involve them in decision making when you can - they thrive on the trust and responsibility.
    Enjoy the banter with them.
    Do not think about - nor let your kids think about - SATs before March (at the ABSOLUTE earliest).
    After SATs, you have the most amazing freedom as a teacher. Be creative with different projects and ventures, experiment, take risks and enjoy education for its own sake. Make films, perform plays, set up a business - whatever fires your and their imagination.
    Have a wonderful year. Y6 are brilliant fun. :)
  8. Ooh thanks - I'm even more excited now! Anyone else know if they'll be new to Year 6 next year?
  9. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Me, Ellie! I swing wildly between excitement and terror! Just seeing our current Year 6 teachers this past week, looking worried, scares me. I don't want to cause Ofsted to come visiting if I fail to teach the children what they need to learn next year!
  10. misslp_2

    misslp_2 New commenter

    Just remember...they have been in school for many years before they have reached you in Y6! ALL teachers in the school are responsible for making sure the children in their class learn what they need to before the end of the year, this will prevent the Y6 teacher having to play catch up!
    I am coming to the end of my first year in Y6 and I have previously taught in Y3 and Y5. I have loved teaching in Y6 but there is a lot of pressure from above and it is easy to let this over shadow the reason why you are there! It is really important to take time to step back and have a minute to remember why you joined the profession!
    Also remember to take time for yourself and your family. Teaching is a profession in which there is never really an "end"! There is always another resource you could make for your SEN child to help them with something, or another worksheet you could spend 20 minutes searching the internet for to really push that G&T child. It is non-stop! Use your PPA time wisely and if you are working at the weekend set a time limit and stick to it.
    And with that I am logging off and spending the rest of the evening with my family!
    Good luck!
  11. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Thank you for those words, Miss LP. You echo what my current year group partner said to me the other day and I would do well not to forget it! I think, though, that as September will only be my third year of teaching, I am going to be feeling as though I need to prove myself to SLT and the school! I will try not to let myself feel ground down by pressure!
    Enjoy your evening with the family. I have a very healthy work-life balance at the moment and will strive to maintain this, even next year!
  12. Are you me?!
    Good to know there's an equally excited / thrilled / flattered / TERRIFIED! person out there. I'm in Year 5 at the moment, so will probably be taking my class up - I SO want to tell them and start planning projects for the end of Year 6!
  13. Hi
    I am also going to year 6 but I am jumping from year 3, I'm also excited/thrilled/terrified etc .
    The good thing about this class is that they were my first class arriving in this school when they were year 2 so I know them well.
    Good luck to you both and anyone else taking a big step.
  14. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Well, Miss Ellie and Lizzie, if you want to share ideas/anxieties/terrified moments next year, do let me know! It's definitely nice to know that a) people really seem to love Year 6, so there's no reason I shouldn't, b) there are others out there who have that same whirl of emotions in their stomachs.
    I'm still getting nervous when I think about it. I just have to remember that the HT said it was a compliment for me and they have belief in me.

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