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Any tips for returning to work after Mat leave?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ryellow2012, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. I am returning to work in June after taking a year's Maternity Leave. My daughter will be 11 months when I return. I am lucky enough to have 2 days a week agreed and my Mum doing my childcare. I am however slightly nervous and just wondered if any one has any handy tips for how to cope with:
    a) leaving LO
    b) managing workload
    c) getting out the house in the morning on time

    Many thanks!
  2. I am returning to work in June after taking a year's Maternity Leave. My daughter will be 11 months when I return. I am lucky enough to have 2 days a week agreed and my Mum doing my childcare. I am however slightly nervous and just wondered if any one has any handy tips for how to cope with:
    a) leaving LO
    b) managing workload
    c) getting out the house in the morning on time

    Many thanks!
  3. Hey. I took 13 months and I just dreaded the first day of being apart. We did LOADS of settling in - 2 hours a day 3 times a week for 3 weeks leading up to it and even though I knew she'd been fine with that I wS still a nutcase. On the day itself I dropped her off, then having planned my 'back to work' outfit for ages I just sobbed all the way there looking at an empty cat seat. I tormented mysf by singing 'wind the bobbin up' and looking in the rear view mirror. My grand entrance was a mascara streaked woman. But - big but (!) - I don't regret it AT ALL. 4 months down the line and Sasha loves her friends, does painting , moulding, water play .. Plays with others her age and loves loves nursery. I really enjoy being a teacher again and I get to pick her up at 4, go to the swings every afternoon and generally have a fun few hours before bed.
    It will work out, promise.
  4. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    Thank you for that Astralabe! I am going back to work full time in June after a year off and am starting to worry about the same thing. I am planning on lots of settling in sessions and am going to try to leave school and pick her up at 4pm so we have a few hours together before bed. I'm worried about fitting all my work in as I haven't been teaching long and still want to change and improve certain things. But you've given me hope that it is possible!
  5. It's definitely possible. I work full time and did lots of settling in LO with the childminder. I leave school early at least one day a week if not two (on the bell with the students) and then do a couple of hours work in the evenings when she's asleep. It's amazing how much more efficient you become and also better at saying no to things. LO loves going to the childminder and it's almost as if she has a second family as she adores the childminder's two children and other little boy there. Leaving her the first day was horrible - take your make-up bag for emergency repair at school, but it did get easier and seeing how much she enjoys being with the other children is lovely. She always gives me a huge hug when I pick her up though!
  6. leaving LO is really, really hard - I sobbed like a baby for the first week. - it does get better. time was my only fix.
    managing work load - I agree with others you do get more efficient - but I still haven't managed to get out of school before 5.30. It is my aim for the summer term to get out before 5 at least 1 night. I work 3 days so even though I don't see him much on my work days I have 4 days with him. Couldn't cope otherwise.
    getting out of the house on a morning - depends on whether your LO needs breakfast as soon as they wake. I tend to get up an hour before leaving - shower night before - clothes out and ready - I am not a morning person and cannot function with things like clothes on a morning - sometimes I drop him off still in pj's - depending what time he wakes.
    Good luck
  7. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    Thanks again ladies! I posted a while back about working full time with a baby and a lot of people said it was nearly impossible so I have been worrying a bit. I keep trying to reassure myself with the fact that my mum went back to work full time when I was tiny and I don't have any memories of it at all. All I remember are all the fun things we did together and holidays we went on (which we wouldn't be able to afford to do if I didn't work!) At least I'll have all the school holidays off with her! It's probably worse for me than her!
  8. I was back at work when my first was six weeks old and have always worked with all four. Top tips include:

    pack everything the night before and put it in the car
    get your childminder to get LO dressed and give breakfast
    if CM is providing meals great - if not batch cook and give her a week's meals for the freezer on Monday and collect containers on Friday.
    Use your colleagues to help and support you, you would do the same for them
    establish a good bedtime routine, so that if you need to work you can, and if you don't you can get some time for yourself (I am fanatical about this one - you need your sleep if you are going to function!)

    As far as leaving LO is concerned it is hard at first, but you will know when they are happy and then it's much easier. Mine all loved the CM - they used to cry when they had to come home!!
  9. I know its easy for me to say (only working 3 days) but I wouldn't worry about working full time. You can only do what is best for you and your LO and thats what is important. x
  10. Keep smiling: I am full time too, it is pretty full-on, but possible!
    I try to leave school by 5, I only work 10 mins away from home, then I spend all the time with him til he goes to bed at 8, and lots of time at the weekends. It's great now the evenings are lighter as we can go to the park before tea which is really fun!
    The hard thing is having to force myself to do my school work every night when he has gone to bed. I can't seem to find much time at all for exercise, or slobbing and watching TV! (If your lo actually sleeps you might find more 'you' time... he gets up at 4.30 am quite regularly so I'm not keen to get up before him and do stuff then!! )
    But the holidays are here now and I get 2 whole weeks to hang out with my little dude! x

  11. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    I live just around the corner from school so won't have a long commute either. I know what you mean about motivating yourself to work though, at the mo I lie on the couch or even go to bed and watch tv when LO goes to bed about 7.30 so I cant imagine having to do a couple of hours of work first! But I have no choice so will have to get on with it!
  12. Thanks all - some really good ideas. I will try to get all of my stuff ready the night before and will get my Mum to get LO dressed and breakfast fed so that I can spend some precious time with her in the morning before I head off. She wakes up at different times each morning (any time between 6 and 7.30am) so I am just a bit worried that if she wakes early and has a particularly 'clingy' morning - we are getting lots of those at the moment, I may not have enough time to even brush my hair before I leave the house.
    I think one of my other main concerns is that after spending years getting into work at 7.30am, staying until 6pm and having time to get stuff done before and after the kids are in - I think it's going to be a major stress trying to get my work done with only and hour before and an hour after school hours. I will obviously take work home but there are plenty of things that I need to be at school to do.
    I am sure I will find ways to make it work. I have to be thankful that I can work part-time and that during the school holidays we get to spend lots of lovely time together.
    Any more tips would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Sometimes having an early riser helps, if you've both been up since 5.30 am (which is my LO's fav time of day) you'll be desperate to get out of the house by 7.30am!
    LO just comes into the bathroom with me whilst I shower and toddles around as I get dressed. When she was tiny she just used to sit on the bed and watch me get ready. The earlier she wakes the less rushed our mornings are as we can take more time over breakfast, getting her ready etc. We both have breakfast and then get dressed, she watches CBeebies while I do my hair/make up - it only takes me 5 mins.
    I would second getting bags - her and yours - packed the night before tho. Maybe even lay out clothes if you're worried.
    Good luck!

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