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Any tips for making a job share role as seamless as possible?

Discussion in 'Part-time and job share' started by happysparrow, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. happysparrow

    happysparrow New commenter

    I'm starting a jobshare role in September and I'm keen to hear from other jobshares how they've managed to make it work. I'll have an hour PPA time with the other teacher but it seems like a very short time to get planning done and to catch up to speed. Any little tips that made your life as a job-sharer easier?
  2. flapfish

    flapfish New commenter

    I have job shared very successfully with three different people mainly in Year 1. Here are my top tips in no particular order:
    • Communicate Actually, this one is in the right order. You will get a crossover hour, so that will help, but emailing, texting and leaving notes on the day (as long as it's not confidential stuff) mean that you both know the same stuff.
    • Have systems. This means you both do the everyday stuff in the same way and the children know what to expect. This is things like how they come in and organise their stuff, what happens at the end of the day, what happens on which days (e.g. when reading books are changed and what you write in records etc.)
    • Planning - plan the termly overview together and then agree who will plan what and how this will shared and when. This depends a bit on what your school expects.
    • Play to each other's strengths.
    • Have a consistent behaviour management system.
    • Always leave the classroom tidy for each other and apologise if you don't for whatever reason.
    • If you have a TA, ask them to let you know if they notice any glaring inconsistencies.
    • Negotiate sensitively where you have disagreements or different styles. You can't be homogeneous, but you can e consistent and it does make a difference. It gives confidence to parents too.
    • Do parents evenings together. You don't strictly have too but it's really beneficial for everyone.
    • Let your job share know when you have noticed what they have done - it's nice to be appreciated.
    We have never managed without having an evening meeting once a half term. This is always extremely productive, but we also laugh a lot, drink a bit of wine and eat. Good for bonding, consistency and efficiency.

    Hope that's helpful. I am sure others will think of other things. Hope it all goes well.
  3. bevriv

    bevriv New commenter

    This is great advice. I have job-shared for over ten years and I would say that I follow all of these guidelines which makes the job easier. Be considerate and you will be treated likewise. We are frequently in contact and use initials to respect confidentiality (or you could even reverse them)

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