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any tips? brain turns to mush

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by merlymoo, May 21, 2011.

  1. I am an experienced teacher with an interview this week. I able to teach a whizzy lesson, speak to the school council, complete levelling tasks and any other task you may ask me to carry out BUT when it comes to the formal interview I go into "rabbit in the headlights" mode. I just tense up and the mind goes blank.
    I have tried to overcome this in the past by looking at some of the poss questions listed on this site and thinking ahead about how I would answer some of the trickier ones, but still HTs seem to pull questions out of nowhere that although I could answer if given 5 minutes to think about I cannot come up with a good answer on the spot. On my way home I always think "I could have said ....."
    Any tips much appreciated
  2. Write everything down. As soon as you get home, write down the questions you can remember and what you would say if you had more time to answer.
    Reread your application before going into the interview-the questions should be focused around the essential criteria for the job.
    Ask them to repeat the question, this will buy you more time to formalise your thoughts
    Imagine they have got no clothes on!!
  3. Ask someone you know to give you a mock interview. You could also try a few sessions with a life coach. Trying to look at your ease might help you feel it- smile broadly, drop the shoulders etc.

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