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Any thoughts on the international schools in Romania?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Ajlaird, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I have also been looking at some jobs in Bucharest. It looks nice from the research i've done. Seems like a good place to stay for a few years.

    If anyone has any experience... What areas would be good to live in and reasonable rent prices? Is it difficult to find jobs in Bucharest for non-teachers if My partner moved out with me? (should I find a teaching job).

    Is the public transport from outskirts to centre good?

    Thanks in advance for any info!
  2. I'm currently teaching in Bucharest and I can say that it is a great place to live. There are (to my knowledge) four international schools: one American school, two British schools, and another international school. It's a pretty inexpensive place to live. If you want to live in the center of the city, try to find an apartment in Dorobanti or near certain metro stations (Piata Romana, Universitate, or Piata Unirii). All of those places are generally nice. I live in the center so I don't know much about transportation to the outskirts but I imagine that the buses go out that far. Rent prices for even the most expensive parts are probably between 200-400 euro/month.
  3. Thanks for the info coreysvogel. Through a bit of research I understand staying in sector 1 would be best. The school is in Pipera. Would it be easy to find a nice 1 or 2 (preference) bed apartment for the type of rent prices you mentioned? What would be the best way to search apartments online? (I've been advised some websites over price accommodation targeting expats, and that local agents may be better).

    Any advice anyone could offer would be much appreciated.. Thanks in advance. :)
  4. It is a bit pricey in Pipera, and there isn`t that much to do. Better to live somewhere around Pia?a Victorieii, Pia?a Unirii or Pia?a Roman?, and travel to work, in my opinion.
  5. I am currently working at one of the above mentioned schools in Bucharest. PM me if you have any questions and I can try and help.

  6. I am moving out to Bucharest in Septemeber. Would be great to hear from anyone who is already there or moving out soon.
  7. Congratulations catrionap,
    Are you heading out to teach? I am still waiting to hear back after an interview... not got much hope now is the interview was a while ago!

    Sure you'll enjoy it though, from all the research I did it sounds like a great experience.
  8. Thank you! Yes i'm going to teach at an international school.
    Really looking forward to it, sounds like it is a good place to live!
    Hope you get good news!!
  9. Out of interest, is it a British based or American based international school? What subject are you in? I'm sure it will be awesome!

    I have seen a few threads on 'British expat' etc online about moving to Bucharest that has lots of tips about places to stay and teachers in past who have moved out and were seeking advice... Probably worth a look, I found most of it just through google.

    Enjoy your new job!

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