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Any Supply teachers out there interested in a great offer?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by pedigree, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. "teachur" ?![intentional/unintentional misspelling?]
    Using an umbrella company to manage your NI contributions is totally unacceptable and is simply EXPLOITATION by your agency.

  2. How much commision do you get for each teacher you get to sign up????
  3. teachur

    teachur New commenter

    What a RIDICULOUS message. The agency did not choose to do it...I DID! When you work for multiple agencies it makes far more sense for tax purposes and pay reasons for offsetting expenses.

    Don't address me like I am a mindless fool who has been DUPED by an agency.

    And by the way - "teachur" is intentional spelling. I used to post on these boards years ago with great regularity, but moronic statements like yours are exactly why I seldom bother any more.
  4. teachur

    teachur New commenter

    Yes there is a financial incentive. Look around you - see anyone rolling in cash at the moment? A genuine offer made by a genuine company who has handled my pay (by MY CHOICE) for a year is incentivising new customers with significant offers for them too.

    Sometimes you have to put your high-horse back in the stables for a bit.
  5. One major problem with this is the HMRC.
    Do they accept that a supply teacher can claim expenses and offset them against tax? Do they accept that the room in your house that you designate as your office is your base where you dothe major part of your work? Do they accept that each school is a temporary place of work? Do they accept thatbuying breakfast andlunch is an extraordinary expense and that eating is not an everyday necessity?
    If you work for as an LA supply teacher (maybe rare), then definitely not. There is a Court case which the HMRC won which forbids you claiming expenses. Although there is nothing specific in writng, Ihave been led to believe that HMRC consider this is the same for agency supply teachers. I know of no court cases that apply to agency supply teachers and there is nothing specific on the HMRC website so maybe this advice is wrong-and you can happily go along and claim expenses and offset against tax. Bear in mind, that the HMRC will look to you to pay up any unpaid tax etc NOT the umbrella company.
    However, I'm sure that the Umbrella company will assure you that this is not going to happen. I'm also sure that they will tell you that they have dispensation from the HMRC as regards the P11D form.
    Umbrella companies charge for this service and these charges vary from UC to UC. Some a flat fee, some a % of pay. Most charge you Employers NI although they may not describe it as such. You need to weigh up the cost benefit to youself.
    I don't know; I'm just putting afew more things to consider.
  6. The company I use asks for documentation of fares, meals, resources to offset against tax, I hadn't thought of claiming for an office at home - must give it a try. It's swings and roundabouts, yes they charge but they do help you get the best tax breaks and sick pay.
  7. teacha

    teacha Occasional commenter

    Lilli, you can't claim for use of home as office anymore.
    I too use an umbrella company, when it was first mooted to me by an agency a couple of years ago, I was so suspicious I rang HMRC myself, and they assured me it was fine. It has helped working for multiple agencies, using one company to sort out all of my pay. Now that I am about to embark on a maternity cover with one agency, I rang the UC to find out if I would be better off staying with them or going back to PAYE, and they worked out for me that I would be better off with them as regards my take home pay. It is, however, a personal choice as to whether to use them or not, I personally wouldn't force people either way.

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