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Any such thing as a 'per class' rate?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by BirdBath, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hi
    Advice needed! I'm M3 this year and have been asked by an old dept if I could cover some lessons for an absent colleague. The dept are really in the lurch and v. happy that I have agreed to. I am going to be picking up 3 yr 7 lessons (taking over the group, planning and delivering etc.) on 3 diff days and 1 other period also. So four hours teaching in total but also planning.
    Does any one have any idea what to charge for my services as I haven't got a clue?. I've never supplied before.
    Many thanks for any insight.
  2. If you are being employed directly by the school you won't get any choice in what you will be paid. You will be paid the LA rate which will be the annual salary for M3 divided by the number of hours we are directed to work multiplied by 4 for the 4 hours you will do. There will be no extra money given for planning time as that is included in this calculation. However, if you are being employed through an agency then it will be significantly lower than this amount. Are you working part time at this school already or are you not working at all? If the school is an academy you are likely to be paid less than the LA rate too. Clarify with the school asap how they intend to pay you. Your best bet is always going to be the LA rate.
  3. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    My agency runs a 'sessional' pay system alongside its hourly one, where you opt to can claim for fifths of the day, based on the assumption of a five lesson day. I've recently switched to an LEA supply contract and have continued claiming for a certain number of fifths for each day, based on the number of lessons I'm present in school. Obviously the agency's sessional rate is slightly higher than its hourly rate.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If being paid LA hourly rate, make sure it's annual salary divided by 975 (195 school days x 5 contact hours per day = 975), NOT annual salary divided by 1265 Directed Time hours.
    The latter DT calculation would not remunerate you for time spent on any reports you might have to write or any informal meetings you might have with the department.
    You should also claim for 4.5 hrs per week of the 1/975 hourly rate so that you also get the 10% PPA time remunerated.
    You could, of course, invoice them instead for your services, charging your own rate (make it more than the hourly rate above to account for then having to be responsible for your own Tax and NI).
    The LA rate will allow you to add to your pension with the TPS unless you choose to opt out of it.

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