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Any Special Ideas for KS2 School Production?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by RaphKS, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. I have been given charge of the Year 4 school production and I have a cast of 70. This seems like a massive number when I've previously only dealt with casts of 30 maximum.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for play ideas to cater for 70 Year 4 boys and girls? My first thought was Joseph as I can have a quite large chorus of those who aren't so bold in their acting.

    Has anyone done the musical of Animal Farm?

    Thank you for any advice/help
  2. Sir Cumference

    Sir Cumference Occasional commenter

    My own 'Arthur's Knights and the Dragon' might be of interest. It has 36 parts in the full edition (there's also an abridged edition). It's published by One More Time! www.onemoretime.biz but if you send me your email address I'll send you a script to see if it's what you are looking for. You can hear the songs on the website.
  3. My 'Complete History of the World (abridged)' has 50+ roles plus the chorus. It's on my website www.ravenbeard.co.uk. You can read script samples and hear songs.
  4. Thank you both very much - I will take a look.

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