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Any Sikhs on this forum........

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by wan2teach, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. ....would just like to wish you a Very happy Vaisakhi and a prosperous New Year!!
  2. ....would just like to wish you a Very happy Vaisakhi and a prosperous New Year!!
  3. Are we allowed to toast it with beer?
    If so, I shall at the Beer Festival!!
    Happy Vaisakhi! (How do you pronouce that, W2T?)
  4. We Sikh them here, we Sikh them there ...

    Happy Vaisakhi, H, to you and your family!
  5. Thanks Cals again! Yes you can certainly toast the festival part with a beer as it ties in with the harvest festival and there will be lots of fairs and parties going on in India. We've been to the religious bit this morning and been celebrating the festival with cocktails/beer ever since! Just getting ready to go to toby's carvery now-too hot to cook!
    Pronounced V-SAA-KHY

    Thanks S, did you Sikh them on the Sikhs o'clock news should be on today with all the processions!

    Surely there are other Sikhs on this forum :( or maybe theyre too busy having a good time!! I need to get a life!
  6. Your puns are absolutely Sikh H!!!
  7. Sikhond to none actually!
  8. I think we may have 'tur-ban' them!!
  9. LOL!! Very funny! My son enjoyed it too!
  10. I'm beginning to feel sari I started this!
  11. since the UK is meant to be a multicultural accepting society dont u think its only fair that they produce a list of ALL religious festivals and holidays, then between all worldly religious none of us would ever have to work and life owuld be one big party!
  12. It does take quite a bit of indian-eering!!
  13. Shalwar agree enough is enough, or do you want to Singh out some more?
  14. AArrgghh!
    I think that dupatta at this than I am!!
  15. Gives Bobdog a chapatti on the back
  16. Are you trying to curry favour with him, Wave?
  17. Aw ghee will it never end?
  18. I think Wave, Bobdog Wan2tee-ChennaI could all get jobs at The Sun
  19. Ohhh excellent Cals -we could spend our days making up a pakora of lies


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