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Any senior school mathematicans - help please!

Discussion in 'Independent' started by crushing, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. We have got a new head of maths in the prep school I work in. We are presently preparing Year 8 for Common Entrance and our school policy has always been that eg a 2 mark question will get 2 marks only if correct with supporting workings - one mark for a correct answer with NO workings and possibly one mark if sensible workings but answer wrong eg arith error. He says we need to give full marks on questions if the answer is correct even if no workings are shown as the workings are only a "fallback" if the answer is incorrect. This is the state sector position apparently. Please can any senior school mathematician who marks CE papers let me know their policy (anonymously of course) as I don't argree, but will change my policy if he is correct and senior schools adopt this policy.
  2. I marked some CE papers earlier this term and I'm pretty sure that a correct answer is awarded full marks unless there is some wording in question that states that they must show their working. However if the answer is incorrect, but they have some correct working then they may be awarded some of the marks. This is certainly what we train our students to do with regards to GCSE etc, but we do try to encourage working as it helps us to follow their thinking.
  3. This is definitely state sector policy for KS1/ 2 SATs. You don't lose marks for not showing your working, as long as you get the answer right.
  4. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    I've just moved from the state sector (into a prep school), and my conclusion from reading the ISEB guidelines is that I mark it totally correct if the answer is correct, if the answer is wrong I then look at the workings to determine whether to give method marks, Sometimes the ISEB give guidance as to how to award these method marks sometimes not! I have to say the standard of their markschemes are poor compared to say a SATs markscheme or GCSE markscheme where it would be specific in this guidance as to what was required to get the method mark(s) rather than leaving it at the judgement of the marker.

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