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Any Scottish teachers retiring in June...?

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by craigy77, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. craigy77

    craigy77 New commenter

    Have really enjoyed reading the forums since I received news of my enhancement from the local authority. I have been teaching since 1977, at current school since 1979, Principal Teacher of Technical since early 1990 (in an acting capacity to start.) Head of Faculty since mid 2000s

    Love teaching, fed up with SQA and management speak. Our school/local authority are reviewing management structure and cutting the number of middle management posts by creating large faculties led by one Principal Teacher. I think I would have retired anyway as I no longer have the energy and could not face taking on faculty responsibilities but the enhancement from the local authority made my decision for me.

    I have felt like a dinosaur since our new HT was appointed. I cant deal with all the jargon and the extra rubbish that is being pushed onto teachers. I try to protect the staff in my departments from SMT and their new initiatives but the fight is becoming harder.

    I will miss the job, especially as I am a widow whose children have flown the nest to foreign climes. Financially I am fine. Savings, insurance from late wife, no mortgage, lump sum and pension. Just scared how I will spend my days now. I plan to visit my children for extended holidays but apart from that it will just be walks and time in the garden. I plan to downsize so will pick somewhere with nice scenery and a nice sized garden.
  2. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Plan this the way you would plan work. Downsizing is good, moving away from everything familiar may not be, however beautiful the scenery, so be careful. You want to be living where there are plenty of organisations to join and things to do.You definitely need two or three new interests. Golf? Lions ( the charitable org. )? Bowls? You sound a bit glum. You may want to do some volunteering to ease you in to a change of pace - I did CAB for 12months and it worked for me. All the best.
  3. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter


    To be honest give thought to where you relocate. Its hard to move to a new area unless you are either going to basically ignore everyone there or join in and bee 'seen' in the community.

    You need to consider the future re mobility,access to the things you like to do and involvement with groups. if you have friends in your area you have to be prepared to possibly losing them.

    You will soon find that you settle into a pattern.Indeed, although its nice to 'not' have the worry of school you soon find the day gone..so think hard about your interests and maybe plan to pursue them.Holidays are nice but can be lonely so consider joining a group holiday, if you like gardening then an equivalent to an allotment might be nice if you dont have a big garden.

    Consider other skills such as singing or acting...or being involved in places such as the Scottish National Trust or environmental organisations,Even work for a charity....you wil find yourself in demand if you want to make yourself available. Maybe even a bit of lat in life romance? lol You might find your organisational skills might be in demand.

    Which ever way you go remember to make time for yourself....as men we often feel lost when we lose our 'job' and need the structure back in our lives.

    I am retired but i still work occasional supply and building work...my problem is to find time for myself......wife sees to it I am busy, plus i have 2 allotment, do crafts,take wife to craft fayres, started doing walking again after many years and also get out on my motor bike when i can.

    have fun..you have worked hard so get out there and enjoy.

    Just do not do nothing!
  4. craigy77

    craigy77 New commenter

    Thanks, I suppose I am a bit glum. I have found myself on my own in a big house very quickly. This house was always a buzz of activity with my wife and great boys who have moved out to pursue their dream jobs. Also, I always thought I would retire under my own steam, at a time of my choosing. I just feel these new SQA qualifications and our school restructuring has forced my hand. I still want to teach- I just don't have the energy for all the rubbish that comes with it and feel so angry seeing young enthusiastic teachers being set up for destruction by this system.

    The HT looked delighted when I told him I had been offered an enhanced package to retire- almost like he was plotting the next manoeuvrings in his little "yes man" empire.

    Is it sad to say most of my hobbies involved my late wife? I mean as a technical teacher I love pottering about in my shed making and in the garden. But as far as the social aspect of things it was either rugby with my boys or following my darling wife to various events and functions. I don't have that now although I am still involved with my Church as handyman plus some to the tasks my wife used to undertake.

    Our house is a big house in a family area. It is too big for me now. I appreciate the comments about not moving out of an area I am comfortable in. I am the first widow in our Church circle of friends and still could tag along to watch the rugby with some of the guys but it doesn't feel the same these days.
  5. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Hi there i hear what your saying

    You dont have to give up teaching.....look around,.Not sure of the Scots system but i do supply and I am 68 and there might be a place for you. Yes, you are in a specialist area but what of FE?.You should approach the supply groups maybe on the Scottish forum and ask there?
    Your not the first or last to be driven out of a job..its the new trend, which is to get rid of experienced teachers who dont jump hoops,which is spreading everywhere.

    You are not useless, just redundant for their needs, and on enhanced salary at least you have a little you can use for your pleasure.

    ok your life was 'governed by your wife's past....and although you remember that with joy(i hope) you feel lost......but the essence is you do have to find your own way, to do that you need to try,So start where you are ,,,,eg as church handyman..can you develop that hobby,.do you like decorating or painting? Can you help others with your skills......its not about the money but doing things you enjoy. Can you use your skill to help other groups....or maybe help in a food bank or an environmental one. You can join a socity such as a gardening one..or create one if there is a need in the community.

    You will remain trapped in the past unless you make the break,,however small ....but importantly its your doing....not what you and wife did.She wont tell you off and tell you what should be doing...although its easier if some one 'directs and leads' us down a way......but I assure you it is hard to do your own thing and some never make it.

    At least you recognise this but its hard when you rattle there,and there are so many memories attached....so a new house gives you a new break...and i would also re-furnish it in your style if you do....that way its 'yours' instead of 'ours'.We were due to move, then out son came back after a divorce and so we remained.......but really we dont need a big house...however much i love it. You now have the chance to do your thing and only you can decide.....however have you considered opening part of it to church groups, or the some activity you feel comfortable with such as technical groups..there may be other widowers in the place who need a meeting place.........or even as a temporary B&B which gives you numbers of new folks to share with.as they stay.

    No one expects you to do as you did before..........otherwise you become locked in a system of memories.Folks are sympathetic and in particular woman who seem to think a man on his own needs a sort of mothering.

    Sit down and write down all you did enjoy still enjoy would like to find out if you enjoy......then try them out....if rugby fails because your heart is not in it then do something different.Fear is the element which stops us

    Sorry i have rattled on...but if you want a person to listen then PM me.I am way down in London but i listen and help if i can

    I hope you manage to make the right decisions for you.
  6. olderandwiser

    olderandwiser Occasional commenter

    This sounds like an opportunity to me. Why not do voluntary work? You sound as though you have the kind of skills that would be snapped up all over the world. Have a look at VSO. Have a look at schools in Cambodia or India, South America. It is truly rewarding, kids are always brilliant, there's no politics, you're appreciated, it's fun, warm, relaxed and different. And it's easy to sort out. In June, get on a plane and go and explore.
  7. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I'm far less ambitious than oaw. I firmly believe in building on what you've got. I would say don't move area when you've got a network of friends and acquaintances, even though things aren't the same without the rest of the family and your wife isn't there to organise your social life. Walking down the road and seeing familiar faces is an important pleasure you lose when you move away. I love my move, it was back to familiar stamping grounds, but even I miss the familiar faces.

    Perhaps you are tempted to move away because you want to escape being the "poor Craig whose wife died" but as you say - you are the first, but won't be the only one as time goes by. Maybe look at smaller properties in your area, but if you love the shed and the garden you'll want to be careful what you go for. Would you consider renting out your spare room (s). Is there a university nearby whose lodgings list you could go on.

    It sounds really tough, very common but no easier for that. That offer of enhancement from the authority is really good news though and your financial security is not to be sneezed at.

    i know you'll want to spend time abroad with your sons, but making the day to day life at home as positive as possible is the important challenge for all of us.
  8. craigy77

    craigy77 New commenter

    Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to comment and share your experience. I recognise that retirement is a fantastic opportunity. I am physically fit, financially sound and have children in parts of the world I would love to visit. I guess I just did not think my career would end like this. My wife and I had all these plans. Those are gone and so is the job I loved. But I need to live for me. I have worked hard and deserve some time to do the things I like. I have looked at a smaller house about 15 minutes from here and I am arranging a viewing. 2 bed bungalow. Much more suitable than a 5 bed family home and I would still be shopping etc in the same town although I would be much closer to my beloved coast and in a nice village setting. It needs some work done but as a Techy teacher I am quite excited by that. I just came to realise I have a fantastic resource at my disposal- my retired colleagues! I am planning a meet up with 2 retired friends and will ask how they spend their days! I need ideas
  9. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Good luck with the viewing.

    I know that feeling - ME??? ME???? But it's been ages since I told anyone what I used to do which is a good thing. I have a nice life and know I'm a lucky lucky woman (channelling Eddie Redmayne today)
  10. craigy77

    craigy77 New commenter

    I was thinking of the points raised by oldsomeman during my viewing. I would refurnish it my way- very plain, simple and practical. It was lovely and in a nice spot for me. Close enough to the town I am in now. Minutes from the coast. Handy for the roads and train station. About 1/6 of my current floorspace but the garden is a nice size.

    Our school year ends at the end of June. My days are numbered in teaching and I am starting to feel a little excited. Yes I am nervous and wish my wife was still here. But I am ready for something different. A new challenge. I will visit all of my children overseas between June and November. Going to trade my car in for a £0 road tax and good MPG new car. Was thinking a Honda Jazz. Will use downsize money to make any new place I get as efficient as possible.

    I will live for me!
  11. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Go for your dream Craig and dont look back....we get stuck when we keep looking over our shoulder at what was.

    You sound as if you are organising yourself and making rational decisions . happiness to your life ahead i say
  12. craigy77

    craigy77 New commenter

    Thanks Oldsomeman,

    I am getting things sorted both practically and in my mind,

    My only problem is I am desperate to go into work and start telling the management what I think of the damage they are doing to the school I have taught in since 1979. I have nothing to lose now.
  13. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    You might have a lot to lose. You may want to return to teaching at some stage and you might need references. or references for another job or career.

    I would just say good bye and only speak up if they ask you to.......unless of course the matter has to be said and you do want to burn your bridges forever.

    Go with your head held high and tel our friends what cr ap they are...... your opinion probably doesnt matter to them. so telling them wil make no difference other than getting it off your chest.
  14. craigy77

    craigy77 New commenter

    Very true, I am a dinosaur to them so my disapproval would be considered a positive thing probably!
  15. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Then why give them cause to gloat further...take the money and run .When you have done the things you feel you need to do, you might wish to continue your teaching in another form or place.Then you can show them what a bunch of losers they where,

    Either way try to forget the harm as that course leads to you suffering.instead relax and enjoy knowing you can no make you mark in other ways and do the things you might have dreamed of!
  16. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Living well is the best revenge, as the poet said.
  17. craigy77

    craigy77 New commenter

    So in Scotland we are on Easter holidays until April 20th and then 10 weeks of teaching until the summer holiday begins on June 26th. Minus the May Day holiday, that is 49 days of teaching remaining.

    Feeling excited, nervous, and a little guilty for the poor souls left behind being destroyed by the SQA
  18. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    never feel guilty...they replace you with another cog.Never look back.....look forward....hopefully you will see the pot holes before you fall down them lol
  19. craigy77

    craigy77 New commenter

    Thanks Oldsomeman, I feel guilty as we are only just getting to grips with these horrendous new qualifications. I have great staff in my department and have protected them from a lot of the rubbish the SMT have tried to drop from on high. I imagine the new PT will be young and eager to impress with all these new initiatives. I wish the SQA had not kicked the life out of Scottish teachers. I just dont have the energy to fight after 37 and 3/4 years
  20. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    its really hard to leave a team....but imagine you dropped dead...they would have to carry on after the initial shock and life goes on.The quality of life may not be the same for those who remain but they have to put up or get out. Its basically out of your hands and you can nto afford to worry to much as that way leads to problems believe me.All you can do is advise and prepare them for the *** to come.

    As a foot note you might well be asked to come back and advise( although i do not pretend to know how Scottish schools operate) If you do so set your rate and do not take it if you do not want to.I am now 69 ( and some 38 years of that as a teacher) and finally thinking of withdrawing out of the supply chain, I adore teaching my area( primary) and love love working with children of all ages...yet even now i find other interests are calling....even if its only knowing I dont have to get up in the morning to wait for the call...but get up and get on with what i have planned for the day.even if its nothing.

    Life will take over and you will find those new interests....as long as you go out open minded and not fixed to much in intent.There is life beyond teaching,,,,just go out and find it....do what your heart pleases and sod the rest.

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