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Any resources (or tips) specifically for iGCSE English language?

Discussion in 'English' started by geekilyexcited, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. geekilyexcited

    geekilyexcited New commenter

    I apologise if I am repeating anything, however I am currently homeschooling an English language iGCSE student. And when I say homeschooling, I should say that he is actually homeschooling himself and using online correspondence. I've been asked to tutoring him for 2 hours once a month (this will increase nearer the time of the exam).My role is to essentially check he is on track. Whilst I'm familiar with tutoring GCSE students this is the first time I've encountered the iGCSE. Whilst it is pretty standard nonetheless I would really appreciate if there were any resources or even advice that people would be willing to share about the course.

    The student himself is smart, I've marked his first piece of work for me as an A and in sessions it is my intention to essentially work through the exam sections in the same order as the the course does (a lot of Inform, Explain, Describe,
    Explore, Imagine, Entertain & Argue Persuade and Advise to start with) before working in more detail on the anthology. Preparing work for the anthology is probably my biggest issue as I don't have access to it myself. I'm aware of the contents of it, and can pull the poetry off the internet but this is not so easy to do for the text in section A so if anyone has any particular resources for this section I would be grateful.

    Any thoughts on the iGCSE in general also. I actually quite like the look of this course! I think the perpetual stress of controlled assessments is getting to other GCSE students (although it has also allowed other students of mine to flourish quite brilliantly).
  2. Which board? The CIE has a student support site open to all at http://www.cambridgestudents.org.uk/subjectpages
    There is a lot here you will find useful. At the risk of pushing, glance at my blog: jwpblog.wordpress.com since I put most of my resources up there after a while!

  3. can I join in? I have just started tutoring a student who is homeschooled via an internet school as the family travel a lot. The board is EDEXCEL and student is doing both Language and Literature. Would love any hints and tips!
  4. EmmaBB

    EmmaBB New commenter

    I've just uploaded a flipchart for Unit 1 AQA Language/English.
    New software doesn't seem to allow me to convert it to PPT for non ActivStudio users but will keep trying.

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