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Any recommendations for Music documentaries?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Firebird123, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Firebird123

    Firebird123 New commenter

    Hi everyone
    I'm looking for school-friendly music documentaries and movies to put on our 'ClickView' intranet at school, and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I'm in the process of getting hold of How Music Works (Goodall), The Birth of British Music (Hazlewood) and one or two others.
    Many thanks :)

  2. I use various elements of 'Big Bangs' and 'Great Dates' from the Goodall series' with my students. I also use the Leonard Bernstein's Young People's concerts with the NYPO. Great one on development in the latter and he's so charismatic that even though it's in black and white and patronising at times (aimed at a younger audience than my students) my rockers were absolutely enthralled. One of them persistently begged me for a week to get the DVD's put back in the library so he could take them out!
  3. bawjohnson

    bawjohnson New commenter

    The BBC 'Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips' are an excellent and seemingly little-known resource for little bite size things on composition etc:
    Click secondary and music and have an explore - nearly 200 clips from everything from gamelan to songwriting, at attention-span friendly short times


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