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Any other Marjon Secondary English people out there?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MrsK2806, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. I got my conditional offer today and can't wait to get going with the prep for the course! Anyone else in the same boat?
  2. Reicheru

    Reicheru New commenter

    Congrats! I'll be just round the corner at uni of Plymouth doing Secondary English! What prep did Marjon give you?
  3. Reicheru

    Reicheru New commenter

    No, I'm not from Plymouth, are you? Will you be moving to Plymouth? I've decided to live in Exeter and to commute in for uni days. Hopefully I can get placements near Exeter.
    The prep I got involves reading a handful of chapters or so from 3 books: Preparing To Teach in Secondary Schools, Essential Teaching and Doing Your PGCE at M-Level. Also have to watch a certain video on TeacherTV and write a short essay reflecting on the lesson. Doesn't seem too bad in all.
    I'm feeling quite excited about it all but definitely very nervous too!
  4. I am indeed a Plymouth girl and have been all my life, so if you need to know anything about the area then just let me know :D

    I got my letter through today with 2 sides of A4 prep that I have to do before I start the course including stuff like (just one for example):

    • Read 'Mother Tongue' by Bill Bryson as a base for the study of how language changes and grows. In your reading journal, create your own very simple development timeline/grid to show how language has developed. This should be 'simple' enough to be understood by pupils.
    And I just spent over £100 on books that I have to read before I start - (5 textbooks, the rest are plays and novels).

    Some of it involves going to edexcel websites, AQA and QCA websites and doing stuff through there!

    Eeeeeeeek! What have I got myself in to?


  5. Reicheru

    Reicheru New commenter

    Sounds interesting. You reminded me I bought that Bill Bryson book about a year ago and never got round to reading it! I shall have to make the effort now :) What plays and novels did they get you to buy? I'm intrigued as I was only required to buy the 3 textbooks I mentioned.
    It's all getting rather real now isn't it?
  6. I have to do lots of reading journal stuff and as I don't own any of the national curriculum plays I've had to buy them all. I've bought:
    Touching The Void
    A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Mother Tongue
    The Crucible
    Journey's End
    Effective Teaching: Evidence and Practice
    Educating Rita
    Whose Life is it Anyway?
    A Guide to Teaching Practice

    I've never done a reading journal in my life so that should be interesting lol! There's a lot to do, plus I have to do my maths GCSE equivalency test and finish my dissertation, a 5000 word independent study module and a 5000 word poetry essay and bring up my two little ones! Sometimes I think I'm a bit daft but I love being busy!
    It definitely is starting to feel real. I can't believe that in just over a year we're actually going to be qualified teachers! In 6 months we'll be starting the course that will change our lives forever. That's just phenomenal. Do you mind me asking how old you are?
  7. Reicheru

    Reicheru New commenter

    Thanks for the list - that's birlliant! I've added a few titles to my to-read list. Over the last month or so it has become a very long list! Reading journal sounds quite intense. What kind of tings are you supposed to write down? Is it notes while you are reading it or a kind of summary at the end? Sorry for interrogating you! I just want to be as prepared as possible and it's interesting to know what other unis are asking of people.
    Sounds like you are a busy bee indeed at the moment. Good luck with all your assignments. I'm doing an OU module at the moment to bring up my English subject knowledge (I did Classics at uni not English) ready for the course but my assignments are only little diddy 1500 worders! After doing lots of 5000 ones like you at uni its very difficult to stay within the word counts!
    I know what you mean it's bizarre to think we'll be qualified teachers in just over a year's time. Next year is going to be a lot of work!
    I'm 24 at the moment, will be 25 at the start of the course. What about yourself? Are you doing your current study in one of the Plymouth unis?
  8. Hi roz,
    The interview was quite daunting for me (trying to remember as it was a long time ago, back at the beginning of November!!) but because I was in the first group of interviews there were only two of us for English so it was quite relaxed really.

    The structure of the day was:
    • Literacy test - This was a half page A4 report on an article followed by a grammar and spelling test which consisted of a few lines written by a pupil that had to be corrected.
    • Handing in of paperwork completed before interview
    • Lunch
    • Powerpoint presentation explaining the course
    • Individual presentations
    • Interview with the course leader and (in my case) a PGCE mentor from Bodmin school
    I did my presentation on reading because I adore it and it is what made me want to teach English in the first place.

    As for the structure of the modules, all I can remember is that you do
    • 26 days at uni
    • one week induction at your first placement
    • six weeks at your first placement
    • 26 days at uni
    • one week induction at your second placement
    • fourteen weeks at your second placement
    Hope that answers all of your questions - anything else you can think of, just shout!

    And reicheru I haven't forgotten you, I will reply soon properly, have just been deep within my dissertation for the last few days!

    Kate x
  9. Good luck for tomorrow roz! Let me know how it went!
  10. Hey Reicheru, sorry for the long delay, I've been so busy lately but have just finished my dissertation (minus intro and conclusion) so I'm celebrating by spending time on here lol!

    I think with regards to the reading journal I'm supposed to comment on it whilst reading and then write an overview at the end of each book. I'm not 100% sure so will e-mail the tutor when I'm done with my other work.

    Wow I bet Classics was interesting - what uni did you do that at? What sort of things are you studying on your OU course?

    I'll be 28 when I start (birthday next month) and feeling it already lol! I am currently studying at Marjon so feel lucky to have got onto the course there because it's familiar and I won't be stuck somewhere I don't know and have to learn it all again.

    What else is on your to-read list?

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