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Any other Devon Primary SCITTees out there?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by stacey1004, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Just wondered whether there are any others out there that have been offered a place with Devon Primary SCITT, thought it might be nice to introduce ourselves to each other......
    I seem to be the only one on the boards that mentions it though.......perhaps I am all alone [​IMG]
  2. I can't be the only Devon Primary SCITTee who reads the TES forums surely?
    There's 30 of us altogether.......anyone........???.........I'm feeling very lonely now!!!
  3. Surely there's some more by now............?????
  4. Yea We go for lunch on the 31st aug for a get to know day then start on the inset day before the kids starts so i guess that will depend on the school. They're sending out a packet of reading material for the summer and also maths, english and science audit booklets so we can make sure we're up to scratch on everything before we start!

    Very excited but also a bit scared!!
  5. YAY - Another SCITTee! Thank goodness for that!
    I didn't know about the lunch, and I'm waiting on my pack very patiently (I've known since January that I had a place subject to funding) but I just want to get on with it!! I have been reading loads of stuff from the national strategies website about phonics etc etc and I rang this week as I am keen to get my student finance stuff sorted and was told that they were hoping to send it all out very soon.....they are still waiting on stuff from the TDA themselves......what a nightmare it's been this year!
    Are they not doing the residential this year then as the 'getting to know you' - I was looking forward to that! Perhaps there's no money left!!
    I'm all excited now I have a fellow Devon SCITTee, I hope the cornish ones turn up soon for you 8stgeorges!!
    Which area are you in Harriet2102? I'm in East Devon so I'm hoping to get my placements at Ottery St Mary, West Hill or one of the Exeter schools......it's all getting close now!
  6. Yea Andy told me about the lunch when i rang to chat about my interview. The lunch is before we start then we go into the schools then do the 3 day residential 7th/8th/9th. Im looking forward to that too! Yea it is all a bit of a nightmare with money, I'm going to be living at home and apparently you don't get any ,maintenance loan if you live at home which means I will be very poor! But ahh well!

    I'm east devon too and hoping to be placed ottery/exeter! I live in a place called Colyton, where do you live? Are you a uni student now?

    Yea it's quite scary but so excited!!
  7. Yea just filling everything out. No idea what to write for my pen portrait!
  8. Anamcara, Devon is pretty huge and varies massively depending where you are, do you have any idea which part you want to live in? Do you want rural/town/city?
    I live in East Devon, right on the coast and against the Dorset border. It's very quiet, pretty rubbish for public transport and very little to do in terms of entertainment! However, with a few tweaks this is kind of how I like it!!
    Exeter is the typical city, lots of shops, nightlife, entertainment galore.
    Torquay/Torbay/Dawlish are pretty bustling for towns, but with the seaside added in.
    Plymouth I don't know too well, so I can't really say much about it apart from it's HUGE!
    In terms of work there is VERY LITTLE especially in Primary, so it depends whether you intend to settle long term or just study here.
    I like it here, but then I've grown up here so perhaps I am biased!

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