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Any one-to-one tutors?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by anon437, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone.
    I'm new here and was wondering if there are any forums/threads about one-to-one tuition. So far I haven't found much discussion on it.
  2. Sorry of course I mean the government programme in state schools, not private tuition.
  3. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    I'm not currently doing it, but I have worked as a one-to-one tutor in a local primary school, tutoring literacy, recently, along with a few others on here. Happy to help or advise if I can!
  4. Thanks, Typhoon. No specific questions right now, it would just be nice to be able to read about other people's experiences of this, as I don't know anyone else working in one-to-one.
    It has been a good way of getting back into school after a few years raising my own kids, but being paid hourly isn't great, often my lessons are cancelled due to student absence or other activities going on so then I'm not paid. I work through an agency so not paid holidays, and the schools are not always ready to start in September either. After the SATS the hours are reduced of course.
    Apart from that I find it really rewarding, no behaviour issues, no pressure from above, I can tailor the lesson to the needs of that individual and am free to plan and design the lesson as I like. I absolutely love the job and the children, but may need to move to something more reliable eventually. If the govt doesn't cut the funding first.
  5. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    No worries, figtree. I agree with what you said about the rewarding aspects of the one to one tuition. I formed really positive relationships with the children I tutored and really enjoyed seeing them progress during the 10 hours, although I do have some concerns about how much the progress was maintained once they stopped having tuition - the school I was in decided to 'fast-track' the sessions into 5 week blocks, so that each child got 2 hours' tutoring a week. But you are correct in that it is great just being able to plan, teach and do totally your own thing, with no pressure or scrutiny from above.
    I worked directly through the school, but I was still paid an hourly rate and not for holidays etc, which is standard. On a couple of occasions when one of my children was absent (I saw two per afternoon) I would see the other one for a 2 hour session instead, and then give the other child 2 hours the following week. However, this was a rather long-winded session, both for the child and me, so I probably wouldn't recommend it!
    You are right too about the unreliability of the work; I was initially asked to work at the school during the Autumn term but told that work might continue into the Spring, dependant on funding and number of pupils needing tuition. A couple of weeks before the end of the Autumn term, I asked the HT if he would be requiring my services next term - he said he was meeting with the class-teacher the following week and would get back to me... he never did, so this particular run of work ended in December. I don't take it personally, I know the classteacher was delighted with the work I was doing and the progress she could see the children making, it's just the nature of the job and (unfortunately) the poor standard of communication often prevalent in schools, I find. I also combine one-to-one tutoring with supply work (which is why this school approached me, as I have supplied there before) and also with private tuition in my own home, so I have still managed - it would just have been nice to have been told, in order to plan ahead and organise!
    There are quite a few people who combine supply work with one-to-one tutoring, so if you browse the supply forum, you might find more discussion on there, although a few people who frequent this forum also do it too.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Typhoon - you sound just like me. I do private tuition as well as 1-1. I love 1-1 but it can be unreliable - you don't get sick pay, holidays etc but you do get to form really good learning relationships with the children and they make really good progress.

  7. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    I do it and love it, but was told no funding for next year. Think schools still have the money, but rather than it being ringfenced, theycan now use it for anything-so out goes one to one, in comes cheap HLTAs.
    When you look at the differnce a good one to one tutor could make long term to a child, I think it's ridiculous that the scheme isn't being extended. Headteachers are often going to make the easy decision, rather than doing what is best for the child. Politics.
  8. Thanks for that input, Typhoon, and everyone else. It's just nice to hear how it works in other schools as well. I agree about the lack of communication etc, though I understand it's the nature of the job, and it is after all still a brand new initiative that schools are still getting their heads around.
    Good idea to do supply as well, though I've never really fancied that, I'll check out the forum.
  9. Hi
    I am into my fourth year of doing the 1 to 1 now as my school was in the Pilot. I gave up my part time job share when it was rolled out to all schools as I was so fed up with all the paperwork etc and enjoyed it so much.
    The problem with combining it with Supply is the timing - if you have to be in a school to Tutor at 3.30 but are doing Supply elsewhere it is not possible - as well as the fact you might have marking to do. I have only done Supply when it was in the same school I was Tutoring in and then had to madly mark after tutoring 2 children in the 20 mins before the caretaker locked up !
    What I have done is take on some Private pupils - all through word of mouth. I am now even doing younger brothers and sisters for 30 mins after the Year 6 children because they wanted Tutoring too !!! WIth the schools I try to do as much as possible in the school day now as obviously the Private ones have to be after school and I have found many schools agreeing to this. I start at 8.30 am in 2 schools so the first child hardly misses anything as they have Assembly first. When I had two Year 4 children both their Mums felt after school would be too tiring so the school had to agree really.
    The maximum I have had at any time is 19 children a week - I keep Fridays free but work bits of every other day and still find I do far less work at home than I did doing a 2 day a week job share.
    Good luck with it and hopefully there will be work after September! If you want any other advice please ask.
  10. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    Much the same as you, lynn14, I can accept one-to-one tuition work which takes place during the school day. But the main reason I would only do one-to-one work during the school day is because I have my own private tutees who I see after-school hours, so I need to be at home for them. (They come to me.)
    I do take supply work (up to two days per week) but agree it wouldn't be feasible to be doing one-to-one in another school on these days - obviously I would never get there in time due to the travelling involved (up to 65 miles some days!) and again, I need to be back in time for my own tutees.
    Most schools are open to tuition taking place during school hours, although some, such as the one I was in, don't like the children coming out of their literacy and numeracy lessons, which usually take place in the morning, so I just tutored during afternoon sessions in that school. The other slight advantage (depending where you are on the teachers pay scale) is that if tuition takes place during the school day, schools are obliged to pay you are your to-scale rate. Outside of school-times, I believe the going rate is £25 per hour, so there is often a small financial benefit to be gained by working during school hours.
  11. i signed up for it but no work yet. had one interview but didn't get it. Also no supply work available. Working in a learndirect centre teaching adults but need to get back into school asap. Any advice welcome. would consider doing something else in education but for a similar wage as current job is a lot less than i am used to.
  12. Interesting! Fourth year Lynn! And you gave up your job share. Don't blame you, I can well believe your workload is lighter now.
    I also work during school hours but not during literacy/numeracy lesson time. I am employed by an agency but decided to stick with one school once they offered me quite a lot of hours (16 at one point). In London we get £29.56 per hour. These hours are not available all year round though.
    Yes I can imagine combining with supply would be tricky, time -wise. I also found it awkward trying to work at two different schools. After school tuition wouldn't be as convenient for me as I have young children of my own.
    Jubes, are you registered with an agency? I think it's easier to get 1 - 1 work that way.
  13. I have done some 1-2-1 tuition last year and really enjoyed it. However, it seems to be very erratic as to how it is organised. Originally the local LEA had a database of people who had registered but then they got fed up with that and seem to have passed details onto agencies. Some people have contacted schools directly but it all seems to be up in the air at the moment. Having said that, I am starting a new block of 1-2-1 before Easter, so there is still money around. The rate in outer London is £28.00.
  14. Ring-fenced money finishes this year.
    In future the money would come from the pupil premium if the HT want to have 1 to 1.
    I'm not holding my breath.
  15. Hi there i saw your post and wondered if you could give me some information.

    I am a qualified primary school teacher and in addition did the 1-1 tution traibing scheme.

    I am currently on maternity leave but when i return i wish to look into tutoring.

    Could you tell me how is best to look for jobs and where they maybe advertised?

    Many thanks
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I love 1-1 and also do supply cover in the same school I do 1-1 in. We have had a lot of observations in class recently and I had this nice feeling of sitting down doing 1-1 whilst watching SMT walking around the school with their clipboards ignoring me. I do of course have a very good chat with my colleagues afterwards to see how they are.
  17. Hi looking for a private tutor for my son yr1 around sunbury for English and maths. Any recommendations.

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