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Any one have any experience of shipping with 1st Move International?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by holmes5668, May 25, 2011.

  1. South Korea is a bloody long way from the UK and I'm assuming you have your own container (you are taking a lot of stuff).
    Shipping companies offer a range of services. Companies that come to your house and pack your stuff for you charge a lot of money for that service. You're are paying for peace of mind.
    I'm shipping 2.65 from Vancouver to London (one pallet's worth). I've packed the boxes myself and currently have a pallet's worth staged in our bedroom. I'm going to take it apart and reassemble it at the shippers warehouse. I'm then going to pick it up from the port at Southampton five weeks later. This is going to cost me about US$600 plus customs fees in the UK. All in all the total cost should be around 500 pound, although I may have to hire a van to pick it up.
    Having had an import business for five years, I strongly suggest using well established companies. Allied are a large company that come and pack for you and they have offices all over the place, usually working with established local companies (in the UK I think they are Allied Pickfords, in Taiwan, they were Allied something or other - just look for the global logo).
    If you want a more hands on approach (pack it and take it to the warehouse yourself), then maybe look at global companies like Schenker ot Maersk. Mostly they deal with commercial customers, but are happy to take less than container loads that they will consolidate with other shipments into one container.
    Ultimately, you want a company representative in the country that you are moving and shipping to, so you have someone to shout at when things are going pear shaped. You don't want a company that relinquishes responsibility for your belongings as soon as it's loaded on the boat in your country of departure.
  2. That should have read 2.65 cubic metres

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