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Any NQTs in the Nottingham area?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by squirlywhirly, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I'm starting on Monday at an 11-18 secondary in Nottingham - getting very nervous! Will be teaching MFL (French & German).

    If there are any other NQTs in Nottingham who'd be up for a 'blind' drink or something anytime soon I'd love to hear from you! Have just moved down here from Leeds so need to meet new people :)
  2. Sorry I can't meet but yes I am a Nottingham NQT and yes I too ma very nervous!
    Where will you be teaching?
  3. Unfortunately, I can't meet but I am an NQT in Nottingham too. Will be in Year 3, really excited!!
  4. Well glad to see there are least 2 other NQTs around here anyway! I didn't mean meet up exactly when I posted the first message, but maybe in a couple of weeks when we've all settled in a bit?!

    Kim, I'm at a school in Sandiacre, what about you?

  5. I'm an nqt who is new to notts as well! Working as a year 3 teacher in broxtowe - started last tues with my class. I actually buying a house in sandiacre! X
  6. nebveb

    nebveb New commenter

    I've started at a Special School in Notts 14-19. Am an NQT as well - don't live in Notts but not too far away.

  7. Would that be a school with a daft fish logo? If so that was my second placement school!!

    I'm in Kimberley so 1 junction down.

    Is anyone going to the Nottinghamshire LA NQT Session next Friday at the water sports center?

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